A phenomenon in which the pattern on the sun disappears "Blank" appears twice in a month, both signs of heading toward the mini ice age

The black spots appearing on the surface of the sun and the patterns of the surface conforming to it are thought to indicate the activity of the sun's activity and the observation has been continued over the past hundreds of years. Meanwhile, in June 2016, the pattern on the sun surface completely disappeared "blank(Blank) "phenomenon has been observed, among experts the earth is"Mini Ice Age(Small Ice Age) "that is about to enter the view.

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The sun has gone blank twice in June 2016: Mini ice age?

This is a picture showing the state of the sun in "blank" state. It was like a tombstone as if the image was processed, but this is the observed sun's appearance itself, blanks were confirmed after about the first time in about five years since 2011 about.

On the other hand, the surface of the sun in the "normal" state looks like this. The bright and dark parts of orange are scattered, and you can see the thing like a huge fire pillar called flare popping out from the surface.

The blog posted on this phenomenon is a related company of a private company "Vencore" which provides various data to the defense of the United States and government relations, and "Vencore Weather"This is Mr. Paul Dorian. According to Dorian, the first blank condition was confirmed on June 4, 2016, and the blank condition continued for four days. After that, the state that the black spots were scattered over several weeks continued, and on June 23, the complete blank state appeared again. The blank appearing in the sun is thought to indicate that the activity of the sun is going to decline in the future, the blank period which was only a few days at the beginning is gradually extended to several weeks, months, etc. in the future It is considered to be long.

It is known that the number of black spots appearing on the sun surface repeats increasing and decreasing periodically. Its period is said to be about 9.5 to 12 years, and in the latter half of 2014 the number of sunspots was the most frequent "black point maximum period" had arrived. It is predicted that from the year 2019 to 2020, the number of sunspots will be reduced to "the sunspot minimum period", and in 2016 indicated by the arrow is the timing to be located on the downhill slope. This cycle is counted as one cycle of activity starting from 1755, and it is considered to belong to the descending stage of cycle 24 (Cycle 24) as of 2016.

The following graph created by NASA showed the state of sunspots in 400 years from around 1600. From around 1650 to around 1710, the number of times is extremely low, but this is not a mistake of observation but a time when the number of occurrences of sunspots actually decreased extremely.Maunder minimum periodThis season called this time called the severe cooling down all over the world, the Thames river in London has completely frozen, the year when the summer does not come out in the year has appeared, also has a great influence on the crop, many people starved to die He said that he did.

The sun as of 2016 is thought to weaken activities towards the sunspot minimum, but some view that experts are entering a declining activity seen on a larger time axis It is. Looking at the graph above, the state of the depression observed in the sunspot minimum period around 2009 is lower in the graph than in the previous 1996 year, and even before the 1986 year ago You can see that it is depressed.

This situation is also shown in the graph below, which counted the days when black spots appeared after 1849. It is data of 2007, 2008, and 2009 belonging to "cycle 24" shown in bright pink color, but in the past example it is hard to see cases where multiple years per cycle are ranked in , It is said that the activity of the sun was conspicuously weakened especially in the latest black spot minimum period.

There are many parts of the sun's activities and the climate change of the earth that have not been elucidated yet and it is premature to say "to enter the small ice age" as it is with current signs, but from the latest past flow The fact that it shows a slightly different appearance may be noteworthy.

Moreover, it is generated by the activity of the sunSolar windAnd the magnetic field have the function to block the cosmic rays that fall down from the universe to the earth, but these activities become weaker as the activity of the sun goes down, and we know that many cosmic rays will reach the Earth . As a result of this influence, artificial satellites that fly in space will be affected, radio waves from electronic equipment and radio will be affected even on the ground. Furthermore, it is said that the influence that DNA is divided by cosmic rays in the human body also affects, and statistics also clarify that sexual ability increases for some reason during the black spot minimum.

The current state of the sun and the past data can be seen in detail on the following sites which are conducting periodic observations and the appearance of the blank spots around around June 4 and around 23 June is also recorded It was done.

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