"Why exercise is good for health but is not the best way to diet" Why?


Although it may be recommended to exercise such as running and swimming to lose weight, in fact, the survey results that "exercise for dieting is not effective" has come out.

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If you decide at the beginning of the year "Let's go on a diet!" And regularly go to the gym, it is a common idea that your weight gradually decreases.

However, I am writing an article on health at the news site VoxJulia BelluzWhen he examined over 60 studies on weight loss, it turned out that exercising to reduce weight was meaningless.

Dr. Kevin Hall of the National Institutes of Health, which is studying exercise and weight loss, "We have to fundamentally review our thoughts on exercise, exercise is not the best way to reduce weight. He gives a positive influence on health, for example, health is improved if exercising is improved than ceasing smoking. "

According to Dr. Hall, although exercise can lead an effective and happy life to live longer, it is not the best way to reduce weight.

The reason why exercise is not suitable for weight loss is in how the human body consumes energy. There are mainly three ways in which the human body burns calories, the first one is resting metabolism necessary for human beings to live, the second one is calories necessary for digesting the meal, the third one is exercise Calories consumed by. I do not notice when I live normally, but the calories consumed during exercise are only about 10% to 30% of the total calories burned.

Most of the calories consumed by humans are occupied by rest metabolism.

In other words, of the calories consumed, the calorie that humans can control by the amount of exercise is less than 30%.

In one study, it has been found that if a man weighing 200 pounds (91 kg) keeps running for one hour over a period of four days a week for a period of one hour, only a maximum of 5 pounds (about 2.3 kg) will be lost .

Increasing the amount of exercise will physically and mentally adapt to exercise.

Also, if you increase the amount of exercise you will feel hungry. For example, if you exercise right after getting up in the morning, you will eat breakfast as usual.

Studies have revealed that some people suffer a decrease in performance immediately after exercise.

If you run in the morning, unconscious actions such as you do not want to use the stairs during work are called "compensatory behaviors".

There is also a technical term called metabolic compensation.

This means that as people lose weight, resting metabolism decreases and the total amount of energy consumed decreases.

In one study published in 2012, the calories burned by the Haza (Hadza) living in Tanzania's savanna were investigated.

Haza tribe has a hunting life and has a lot of daily momentum and lives an active life without having to spend all day in front of a computer like a modern person.

As a result of the survey, it was found that there is no big difference in calories burned when comparing Haza tribe and Westerners.

The way Haza maintains health is to "do not eat too much"

It is possible to consume calories by exercise. For example, the calories consumed in one hour of running are about the same as the calories obtained when eating Big Mac and French fries. The calories for three glasses of wine are equivalent to the calories burned when you drone an intense dance for 1 hour.

Because it is difficult to lose weight simply by exercise, exercise is used as a reinforcement of diet therapy.

However, in the United States, the rate of obesity is high, the US government recommends "to lose weight through exercise."

Companies dealing with foodstuffs pay attention to the health of consumers. In 1920 Coca-Cola incorporated the element of exercise into house advertisement and put the message "Let's do exercise" when you drink Coke. In fact, however, it is very difficult to consume extra calories from carbonated drinks.

Dr. Hall says, "Although it is not impossible to get rid of exercise, it is extremely strict and you have to exercise for hours and work harder than do exercise, eating too much pizza during meals It is more effective to review the meal, such as to endure not to have it. "

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