A matching site "PokéDates" that will search for a Pokemon trainer who plays "Pokemon GO" together

ByJill Carlson (jillcarlson.org)

"Which brings about whirlwinds around the world"Pokémon GOIs an active smartphone game that needs to walk around and get Pokemon and items. A service that will allow you to enjoy such Pokémon GO more enjoyablyPokéDates"It is becoming a matching site that will search for friends to get Pokemon and challenge Jim battle together.

Project Fixup | Meet People Not Profiles

The mechanism of "PokéDates" is very simple, first of all we will answer in a questionnaire about information on the user himself and what kind of Pokemon trainer we are looking for. Based on this, individual profiles of users are created. Next, the user can search for a Pokemon trainer who searches for Pokemon and battle at the timing when he can play Pokémon GO by entering his schedule. PokéDates will decide the date and place of the date with the unknown Pokemon trainer. When the details of the date is decided, since the mail with the date and time and meeting place will arrive, it is OK if you go to the designated place and enjoy the Pokémon GO date. The first date can be done for free, but after that every 20 dollars (about 2100 yen) is required for each date set.

PokéDates is a service dedicated to the Pokemon Trainer to play Pokémon GO, a new date-guaranteed matching site "Project Fixup" started. The underlying Project Fixup system is almost the same as PokéDates, and by entering the questionnaire and the vacant date and time, you find the person who meets the condition and set it up to the date and time of the date. Registering for an account is free, and when the setting of the date is completed, it is a system that fee of 20 dollars per dollar occurs.

Project Fixup | Meet People Not Profiles

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