Training battle at Pokemon GO's gym can challenge with 6 on hand, adjust Pokemon's CP according to trainer level

"When medals rank up, Pokemon aimed at is easily captured"The update of the new function was just announced"Pokemon GO(Pokémon GO) "announced the update of the new" Jim's training battle ". It is an update that allows players with a wider trainer level to enjoy the game against the gym than traditional gym training.

Training battle is more fun! - Pokémon GO

In "Jim" which appears during the game of Pokemon GO, the trainer can arrange his own Pokemon. When you place a Pokemon in the gym, Jim dyes in the color of the camp (Vara, Mystic, Instinct) to which the trainer belongs, and the trainer of the same camp can strengthen the level of the gym by putting Pokemon. Why put Pokemon in the gym is because you can get items that can be used in the game by placing Pokemon in the gym.

The gym level is the maximum "10", and up to 10 Pokemon can be placed in one gym. In order to increase the number of Pokemon that can be placed in the gym, it is necessary for the trainer of the same camp to do "training" to battle with Pokemon at the gym, because for more than two months since delivery of Pokemon GO, 1 Even with Pokemon placed at the bottom of the street, the CP is getting quite high, so it was difficult to train a gym at a trainer with a low trainer level and not having a high CP Pokemon.

However, in the training of the new gym, CP of the opponent Pokemon will be adjusted according to the trainer level of the user.

In addition, training of Jim could only be done with one Pokemon on hand, but as with attacking the other camp's gym, training is possible with 6 Pokemon on hand.

Training of Jim up to now, when winning training with Pokemon with lower CP than Pokemon of training partner, since more than 500 fame was added, the upgrading of the gym level was promoted efficiently. However, after updating CP adjustment and 6 Pokemon training will be done, so I'm wondering how much Jim's reputation will go up in one training.

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