"Edges 2 cats" in which figures drawn appropriately are automatically converted into "cats"

It converts from an appropriate graffiti to an image like a photo "Pix2pix"And the Google open source machine learning library"Tensorflow"A tool that automatically converts rough figures like strokes into cat images as developed based on"Edges2cats"is. I think whether it was easy to make a cute cat image easily,Google's artificial intelligence "DeepDream" to generate nightmare imagesCat images as if they used the mass production is done.

Image-to-Image Demo - Affine Layer

Samples that convert graffiti into cat images with edges 2 cats are. I am doing machine learning using 2000 cat images and it seems that cat images are generated with considerable precision.

...... However, this seems to depend largely on the drawing power of the drawing, the cat's face got so bent ......

Something like an abstract picture is also created.

Any geometric pattern is like a cat.

Shrek is also converted into a cat image.

Images that can not be said to be like it.

Characters are also cat images.

Creatures that you do not even know whether you can call it a cat any longer.

I am the author of edges2catsChristopher HesseHere is the image that Mr. evaluates as the highest masterpiece.

Pix2pix is ​​an AI educational algorithm developed at the University of California, Berkeley, learning by continuing to show paired images before and after conversion, and will automatically perform similar image transformations. Hesse will automatically convert it to a cat image if you doodle properly using pix2pix "Tensorflow port of pix 2 pix by Isola et al"We created a tool called"

For that reason, for example, just converting the image of the building from just the image of the blocks lined up ... ...

Or convert line drawings of shoes into images like photos of shoes.

The bag also converts fairly to real.

Apparently it seems that the degree of difficulty is quite high in the generation of cat images.

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