"Colormind" which can create a color palette by automatically generating a color pattern with artificial intelligence or extracting colors from a photo

ByValerie Hinojosa

A website that can generate color palettes of harmonized color scheme automatically using artificial intelligence, or extract color from uploaded photos and generate color palette is called "Colormind"is. I tried using it because it is a convenient site that suggests various patterns when designing, illustration, interior etc. are troubled.

Colormind - the smart color palette generator

When clicking "Generate" from the top page, a color palette which gradually becomes 5 grades with good compatibility from zero is generated.

Below each color there are several icons. Click on the lock icon to fix the color you like, and once you generate the color palette again, only the other colors will be generated.

By clicking next to the lock icon, you can adjust the color from the individual palette.

Click on the next icon to change the placement in the color palette.

As you scroll down, the color palette that matches the data set such as "Christmas" "Maplestory" "Star light" is output from the generated color palette.

Below that there are tips on how to use it. For example, "Locking the color palette and regenerating it will result in a gradation from the locked color" and "Locking the left and right edges tends to produce a nice intermediate color" is explained.

It is also possible to generate color palettes from real websites and photos. Click "Upload" and try uploading the on-screen screenshot by drag & drop.

Uploading the screenshot of the top page of GIGAZINE, the following color palette was generated.

Ali is referring to the masterpiece of the public domain.

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