Buzz Aldrin, who walked the moon, stated that "If you want to bring mankind to Mars, you should retire the International Space Station"

ByNASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

About the plan of arriving and relocating Mars of human being advanced by NASA etc., it is the former American astronaut who fell to the moon at Apollo 11 launched in 1969Buzz AldrinHe expresses his opinion that he should immediately retire the International Space Station (ISS) which is spending a large budget and concentrate on Mars development, and he also publishes its development plan on its own.

Buzz Aldrin to NASA: Retire the International Space Station ASAP to Reach Mars

It was held from 9th to 11th May 20172017 Humans to Mars SummitMr. Aldrin, who advised the retirement of the ISS at the conference, said that because of its simplicity, we can not afford a budget of 3.5 billion dollars a year (about 400 billion yen). "

When ISS operation is stopped, the research on space development will be stagnant, but Mr. Aldrin will have less than 2000 km of altitudeLow Earth Orbit(Low Earth Orbit: LEO) should transfer the space activities to private enterprises. Indeed, alreadySpace XYaOrbital ATK, Aerospace giantBoeingPrivate enterprises such as transportation, transportation of cargo and astronauts to the ISS.

Mr. Aldrin also develops an inflatable space station moduleBigelow · AerospaceAnd also related to space station developmentAxiom SpaceHe also said that they should build a space station separate from the ISS. And it says that sharing operation data with the space station that China is planning to build in the first half of 2020 should make it possible to realize joint space development.

Construction of a space station by a private company is the first step in the Martian settlement plan proposed by Mr. Aldrin. This plan uses a spacecraft "Cycler" that can transport people and goods back and forth between planets, Mr. Aldrin said "Cyclers are the foundation of human transport, they have moving parts outside It is not very very robust making it possible to continue operating for about 30 years. "

Buzz Aldrin Astronaut Apollo 11, Gemini 12 »Cycling Pathways to Mars

And the second step is to realize the operation of the cyclers that the countries cooperate to connect the Earth to the Moon. This aims to realize the construction of manned bases on the moon, produce fuel by using local supplies, and aim to advance research necessary for the subsequent migration to Mars.

By advancing these developments, Mr. Aldrin realized the manned flight to the comet orbiting the Earth by 2020, and the approach flight to Venus by 2024, and launched the first Martian migration member 2030 We are planning to implement it at the beginning of the age. Mr. Aldrin said: "What I would like to clarify is that we have built a sustainable plan to settle on Mars, this time we will leave" national flag "and" footprints "on site "I cite my own landing on the moon and state the certainty of the plan.

As for the ISS, the budget up to 2024 has been decided, and thereafter it is a stage to investigate a plan to extend the operation until 2028 by investing 100 billion dollars (about 11 trillion yen). At the present stage NASA regards ISS as "an important base for traveling to Mars" and is planning to deliver humanity to Mars in the 2030s.

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