Graham Bell invented the telephone, a heterogeneous kite "tetrahedral kite" which he progressed research, the real thing at the time was such a feeling

I invented a telephoneAlexander Graham BellIn addition to the inventor, he was engaged in research activities as scientists, engineers and others. As his mother and wife were deaf "deaf" deaf, it is known that as a result of advancing research on hearing instruments, it resulted in the invention of the telephone, but Bell's research field is There is also a record that the scope is "across the science" than it is wider. Such a bell is a kite combining the four triangles of triangle pits "tetrahedron"Tetrahedral kite"And invented and studied research.

Alexander Graham Bell's Tetrahedral Kites (1903-9) | The Public Domain Review

The state of the research conducted by Bell is left with many photographs and documents,Library of CongressIt is in a state that everyone can browse it.

A tetrahedral kite that two people pick up. It is structured with a cloth curtain tensioned on a frame made up of many triangles, and it receives the wind and gets lift, so it floats in the sky like a kite.

Graham Bell himself invented this tetrahedral kite. When This photo was taken is that it is 1904, you can see that the bell of 1847 was born is a state of around 57 years old.

A tetrahedral kite with a simple structure can easily scale up or down.

This kite made by combining multiple tetrahedral kites seems to have been named "Siamese Twins" (conjugate twins).

The state that the tetrahedral kite is actually being flying is included in the photograph. The tetrahedron which can realize three-dimensional with the smallest number of faces "4" has the characteristic that the ratio of lift and weight obtained is the best, so it seemed to be considered to demonstrate superior performance as a flying object is.

A tetrahedral kite floating in the sky while people are watching.

Ultimately, a tetrahedral kite was developed with the goal of placing a person on a tetrahedral kite and flying it.

A tetrahedral kite placed with a device which is regarded as a power source.

Various variations were also being developed. By using tetrahedrons, the aircraft structure became a truss structure, and it was also beneficial to be able to achieve both strength and lightness.

Although it may be said that it is made with an entirely different way of thinking from the modern "airplane", it may be to come to this form if the performance as a kite becomes extreme.

It seems that a kite with a structure like a donut was also made.

In addition, kites like iron arrays also. After thisTIE fighterIt is a mistake, it seems that it seems to float with the wind receiving in the longitudinal direction like the picture on the bottom right. .

It seems that a tetrahedral kite with a large face like the main wing was also made.

The figure of the bell which kisses with the wife who has a tetrahedral kite is also included in it.

After these studies, Bell is a research team that spans the United States and CanadaAerial Experiment Association(AEA) "on September 30, 1907, and carried out research on aircraft. Among them, three tetrahedral kites called "Cygnet I", "Cygnet II", "Cygnet III" were created, and it was said that experiments were actually carried out with people on board.

Looking at the Cygnet II from the side is like this. It consists of a myriad of self-similar trianglesShepinsky gasketIt is clear that you have a structure that leads to fractal figures like.

It seems that there was such a view when entering inside.

Many technicians are gathered at the AEA, and aircraft with fixed wings in addition to tetrahedral kites "Red Wing"Was also developed.

In 1908, I belonged to AEAGlenn CurtisIs a fixed wing machine "June bugComplete the first flight. Prior to this in 1903, Wright brothersLight flyerAlthough it was realizing the flight by the first aircraft by mankind, at that time this record was not recognized as official, so Curtis and "June bug" were certified as the first flight.

After that Curtis and Wright brothers fought a fierce battle over patents, Curtis was modernCurtis Light CorporationIt is the founder of "Curtis · Aeroplane & amp; Motor" company which becomes the foundation of. Also, regardless of commercial activities, the AEA, which was established to purely advance aircraft research, broke up on March 31, 1909 in accordance with a preliminary agreement and has finished its task.

It is a tetrahedral kite made more than 100 years ago, but it can be read with contemporary 3D printer technology. Sehun Oh of the artist has published the 3D data of the tetrahedral kite at his site and anyone can output it and skip it if there is a 3D printer.

You can also watch a scene of a tetrahedral kite flying in the movie.

Open Kite on Vimeo

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