Russian hackers make hardware and software to invalidate the GeoFence function of DJI drone

DJI's drones are equipped with safety functions such as the GPS function "Geofence" to prevent the drones from entering into flight-prohibited areas such as airports and government agencies, and altitude / speed limits, but this Hardware and software that bypass the functionModRussian hacker companies are developing it.

Drone Pilots Are Buying Russian Software to Hack Their Way Past DJI's No Fly Zones - Motherboard

It is based in Russia that sells this hacking tool, and ironically, the name is "CopterSafeCompanies that say. The company sells products that invalidate various safety functions by using DJI's drone "Phantom" series and hardware attached to "Spark" and programs that modify the software itself.

The DJI drone sold in recent years has a "Geofence" function that keeps the GPS sensor and the control software mounted on the main body away from a specific area and imposes certain restrictions on the exercise performance Functions such as a speed limiter to prevent unexpected accidents are installed. For example, by preventing soft and hard access to important infrastructure such as the airport and power plants where many airplanes leave and take off and landing and power plants, and government-related facilities, accidents caused by erroneous operations and even terrorists It is preventing it from being abused as an attack means of.

It is a modification kit of CopterSafe that invalidates such a safety function and makes it possible to fly drone freely. The product is sold for boards and software types to be added to the drone body, and is sold at a price of about 300 dollars to 500 dollars (about 33,000 yen to about 55,000 yen).

A spokesperson for CopterSafe says, "The safety function of DJI is a very good function," he says, "But sometimes it does not suit the circumstances of each province." According to the person told that there was an example that one aerial photography company was unable to shoot due to the restriction of the GeoFence function despite receiving permission from the local agency when a certain aerial photographer tried to perform the location And that. In DJI, it is said that we provide correspondence that can cancel the restriction by following the procedure in such a case, but it seems that this mod aim is to be able to mess with the main body without using it.

A person who tries to find a way out of it for the device controlled by software, including the "jailbreak" of the smartphone, appears, and discussion about the drones has been exchangedA group of FacebookIn the world where "code (program) dominates, opinion that a person who gets chord can acquire a little money" is also posted.

CopterSafe has released a movie that was actually taken at the airport using this mod. I caught a passenger aircraft traveling towards the runway from the airport, I thought if someone who has failed drone even once has not failed to think "This is serious if you crash here ... ..." sweat comes out It is taken in situations that seem to be wrong.
INSPIRE 2 shooting at Tallinn airport with coptersafe mod

CopterSafePosted byMay 22, 2017

CopterSafe has said that it is "perfectly legal" about these devices and software, but one DJI shows a tough view on such products, "By invalidating these functions, There is a possibility that it will be affected by the function of this function, leading to unpredictable events. "

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