In the Kansai area, I saw the craftwork fireworks at the only competition fireworks display "Uda Shotenbara Fireworks Competition / National Fireworks Mahoroba Competition"

There are fireworks competitions in which competitive fireworks competing for fireworks craftsmen are being conducted "Fireworks nationwide fireworks games · Omaki fireworks"Or"Tsuchiura national fireworks GamesIt is known as a famous games competition. There are other fireworks festivals that are performing competitive fireworks, but in the Kansai area it has been held since 2015National Fireworks Mahoroba CompetitionIt will be the only fireworks display. "What kind of fireworks competition is the only fireworks festival in Kansai" I actually wrote it so I will report it.

The 60th Commemoration Uda City Noda River Fireworks Competition · The 3rd National Fireworks Mahoroba Competition

The place is in Hidaru Shimoi and Shinakuji, Uda City.

To the venue, about 10 minutes on foot from Kintetsu Haibara station, a lot of stalls were lined up at Uda City Hall on the way.

The launch site is in the rice field.

We will watch fireworks from the advance payment 2500 yen (tax included) at the pipe seat.

At 7:30 pm, fireworks festival began. The first program is "pursuing memorial service", while sending songs, fireworks will be launched.

Rin's sound "Jin" also entered, and it was launched for about 10 minutes with your song being chanted.

The program will progress with "opening" "message fireworks" "congratulation! 60th meeting - flower of appreciation ~".

Program No. 5 "National Fireworks Mahoroba Competition" starts. First, I won the last yearIna Fire Engineering Limited Horiuchi Smoke Food Store(Nagano prefecture) star mine is launched as an exhibition before the race "customers" who respond with "beautiful" "ま ん ま や".

You can check this StarMine in the following movie.

Inama fire engine Horiuchi smoke fire store in front of the competition Star Mine 【2017 nationwide fireworks Mahoroba competition】 - YouTube

After Star Mine is over, I am in charge of the launch of this competitionWakisaka Gunpowder CorporationExplanation of sports fireworks by fireworks of Nara Prefecture (Nara Prefecture) was held. These explanations are for the fireworks festivalOfficial pageAlso, those who are present at the bleacher seat are carefully explained so that you can enjoy sports fireworks.

In addition, this competition is also on-line broadcasting, it is a fireworks festival that you can join from anywhere, not only on the site, such as "Mahoroba Award" given by the general vote by the Internet.

At the competition, a reference ball will be launched as a reference for putting scores on fireworks to be launched in the beginning. In this competition, No. 7 ball which spreads to about 250 m in diameter is used about 21 cm in diameter. Celebrations cheer for the big fireworks.

List of firework display companies participating in this competition
·Ina Fire Engineering Limited Horiuchi Smoke Store (Nagano Prefecture) "Illuminations Cored Crowned Chrysanthemums"
·Saki fireworks head office Co., Ltd.(Yamanashi) "Rainbow-colored gradation"
·Itoi Fire Company Limited Company(Fukushima Prefecture) "Fantasy kaleidoscope with escapement guidance"
·Ikushima Fireworks Co., Ltd.(Oita Prefecture) "Bouquet of Margaret"
·Nomura Fireworks Industry Co., Ltd.(Ibaraki) "Melody of light"
·Usui fireworks Co., Ltd. (Shizuoka) "Flower of the double flower"
·Marumaya Co., Ltd. Katsura smoke store(Tokyo) "Buddy cherry blossoms in the night sky"
·Komaki Fire fighting industry limited company(Niigata Prefecture) "Echigo-sunflower attached with guidance on bending"
·Kishu firewood Co., Ltd. (Wakayama prefecture) "Blue light blue core green tip sequins"
·Yamanouchi Fireworks Co., Ltd. (Yamanashi Prefecture) "Summer Rain Sound"
·Alps Fireworks Industry Co., Ltd.(Nagano Prefecture) "Rainbow Ball"
·Komatsu Smoke & Fire Industry Co., Ltd.(Akita Prefecture) "Flashing with flashing ebony core jinja ahead coloring ruffle"
·Shinshu Fireworks Industry Co., Ltd. (Nagano Prefecture) "Coloring Happo Yukata Chrysanthemum Blinking Flower"
·Margaux Co., Ltd.(Yamanashi Prefecture) "Evening Drops"
·Red Star Aoki Fireworks Shop (Nagano Prefecture) "Mysterious blue sunflower"
·Northern Japan Fireworks Industry(Akita Prefecture) "Mamarashima"

After the announcement of the name of the company and the name of the fireworks ball and what kind of fireworks will rise, one firework display is raised, the fireworks of the next company are put on the screen at the time of judgment of 30 seconds, 16 fireworks have been launched. Every time the fireworks are raised, people at the bleachers are having fun discussing their impressions with the people they bring with them.

This is the 3rd place prize for excellence, Margaux Corporation "Evening Drops". First of all, it shines simultaneously.

Core light shows movement like illumination. It gradually disappeared with time lag.

Fireworks whose core disappeared and spread in all directions. The future is flashing and blinking blue.

Where all the light went away for a moment and thought "it was the end", the stars of light will appear again and flash.

Actual appearance can be confirmed with the following movie.

Excellence Award Margaux "Evening Drop" 【2017 National Fireworks Mahoroba Competition】 - YouTube

Here is the second place excellence award fireworks. From the "Melody of Light" of Nomura Fireworks Industry Co., Ltd., a part of the core glows at the moment of opening.

As the light draws a locus, the light increases little by little. It is delicate fireworks in which the timing of 1 particle per particle is shifted finely.

Next to the core, the outer stars start to glow gradually.

Ultimately, the locus of light like a flower pattern appeared.

Actual appearance can be confirmed with the following movie.

Excellence Award Nomura Fireworks Industry Co., Ltd. "Light Melody" 【2017 National Fireworks Mahoroba Competition】 - YouTube

This is the "Award for the Summer" of Yamanouchi Fireworks Co., Ltd., the winner of the award. Japanese fireworks of ancient times called Japanese Wildfire are used, and it looks like a beautiful reddish brown with the naked eye, and it is difficult for the camera to reproduce color well.

It was a fireworks that makes a sound "parapara" just before it disappears. It was evaluated the artistic expressiveness that expresses the fragility of Waka Fire and the scenery of rain sounds hit Japanese Umbrellas.

Actual appearance can be confirmed in the following movie.

Best prize, Yamanouchi fire shop "Summer rain sound" 【2017 nationwide fireworks Mahoroba competition】 - YouTube

In addition to winning works, the highest fireworks balls of the top nationwide fireworks craftworkers were raised. You can see all the fireworks at this event in the following movie.

All work was launched in the competition fireworks (with author-Title) [2017 nationwide fireworks Mahoroba competitions] - YouTube

When the Games are over, the premature early strikes & Star Mine "Flowers of Shining" will be launched. Flashing smile.

The light of the outer ring moves with the time difference with the gurgle.

Fireworks of the 5th ball of the eighth core as seen at the 5th ball competition are also included in the fast repertoire.

Closing fast is the 7th ball of the octa core.

The program ends with a beautiful white silver chrysantum.

Actual appearance can be confirmed in the following movie.

"Brilliant Flowers" 【2017 National Fireworks Mahoroba Competition】 - YouTube

The finale is "Golden Finale". If it is an ordinary fireworks display, the last Star Mine will start as it is, but here's an announcement to urge the exchange of Yale "Please shake the screen of the smartphone towards the fireworks master." I began shaking the screen toward the launch place.

"The fireworks master, I wonder if everyone's light has arrived," the reporter answers with a fireworks fireworks. The fireworks of the triple core which the core seems triple raised.

In Starmine of the finale, a bright tiger of neutral color (fireworks blowing from below) also rises.

At the same time as it blows up like a fan-shaped flower, golden crowns start to open all at once.

The biggest No. 7 ball of this fireworks display was opened, and the curtain of the finale was closed with the biggest fireworks today.

The state of "Golden Finale" from the exchange of Yale can be confirmed in the following movie.

"Golden Finale" 【2017 National Fireworks Mahoroba Competition】 - YouTube

In this firework display, not only at the competitions but also in regular programs, fireball trade balls that are participating in the games are often used, so you can see high-quality fireworks and rare fireworks, which is extremely profitable It is a well-being fireworks display. Up to now, what was being held on August 4 every year is that it will be held on a holiday next year as it is the first Sunday from 2017 to August. Also, since you can watch and participate on the net, why not visit this fireworks festival next year, for those who do not feel like going to fireworks festivals who dislike crowds and who can not come to see far away.

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