Forced termination for people who are not working on Twitter or YouTube Chrome extension "NoTube"

I began to follow the Twitter account timeline. If I noticed it had passed hours ago or when I played the movie on YouTube I found something I was worried about and it was such awful time that Twitter and YouTube has something like magical power that can not be stopped once you start watching it as much as you think you can endlessly. It's time to forcibly close Twitter and YouTube that eaten like that, and an extension for Chrome that brings back users what we should do is called "NoTube"is. It is perfect for those who are obstructing Twitter and YouTube by necessity because there is work to do, such as creating documents and creating reports on the PC.

[NoTube] I made chrome extensions to correct YouTube and Twitter disused - Proclassist

NoTube is an extension for Chrome that you can install for free from the following pages.

NoTube - Chrome Web Store

To use NoTube Open the above URL in Google Chrome and click "Add to CHROME".

The NoTube icon will be added to the upper right of the browser.

When you click the NoTube icon, the following display appears. In "KILL PAGES" it is possible to forcibly select the service you want to close, and in the initial state both YouTube and Twitter are to be forcibly closed. The "URL" of "INPUT" is designed to allow you to enter a URL to open automatically after closing YouTube and Twitter, and in the initial state it is the producerimslotterI am going to fly to his blog. In the "Timer" part, you can enter how many seconds you can close the page after using NoTube, and in the initial state it is 30 minutes.

So, I actually try using it. Enter the URL of GIGAZINE's top page in 'URL', 'Timer' set to 1 minute. Click "Start" to actually use it.

Afterwards you can use Twitter and YouTube as usual. When the specified time comes, it is skipped to the specified URL from the page of Twitter or YouTube, and the word "Dameidayo" is displayed on the screen. If you click "OK" all the open Twitter and YouTube pages will be closed, so you will be forcefully returned to work.

If you look at the following movie you can see how it is actually drawn back to work.

Chrome extension to kill Twitter and YouTube "NoTube" - YouTube

It is a perfect extension for those who take time on Twitter or YouTube.

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