A dream of making a guest house listed by a traveler who has traveled around the world by bicycle

Let's put a scale if we can do the guest house. As well as health care, it is important to know the weight of luggage in order not to pay excess fee on flight. If you prepare in advance, things will not hit the day. In addition to kg, we always have all the electrons that can be measured in grams. It is more convenient when you send a package that you do not need at a post office. Ideally it is an inn that you can do whatever you like at home, while you are traveling.

Hello,Takuya SAITO who did a round around the world by bicycle @ CharridermanI am 34 years old, but I do not understand anything even though I lived this much. So it is certainly nothing when it's time to die. And yet I will die. Then, it would be great if you could do whatever you wanted, and finally settle down on the conclusion that you would like to make a guest house.

◆ Guesthouse dream
I was enthusiastic about publishing if I finished my trip, but I am pretty disappointed with the opportunity. Then, you should write a sentence, but I realize that there is no talent, I do not see words as I think. Although it did not do anything at all, it was only for making an alibi that "I tried hard", and I am always worrying about what to do from now on. Even though I work, my career is absolutely white. Teha.

The trip was awesome.

However, in the end I would like to make a guest house. The reason that it is the best reason that I want to be useful for travelers, because I am struggling. Because I enjoyed traveling to my heart's content, I should be able to make an inn that I can only do. I am attracted to the fact that there is no end to the management of the guest house. Oh yeah, it seems to be fun for the rest of my life while working my head if it is nothing like this. It may be a pedestal for me who does not get rid of it.

I want to make places where such a dirty traveler comes and goes out beautifully.

◆ I want to make an oasis of Charida
In Japan, for the charida who runs the world, I want to enrich the environment where bicycle maintenance can be done.

In the journey, we had tools to manage puncture repair and brake adjustment somehow. On the other hand, we do not carry special tools necessary for special work such as grease-up of hub, chain ring, and exchange of cassette sprocket. Tools such as hub spanner to open hub and monkey wrench to fix sprocket are used very frequently, so we go to the bicycle store or borrow it to people. Because of these experiences, I will arrange all kinds of bicycle tools in the inn that I make. "If you reach even over there, you can fully revive your bicycle," he creates an oasis of Charida. If the wheel is distorted, it will prepare a runout base so turn it around and adjust it until you feel comfortable. I did not know where to put the bicycle so even a European hostel was worried about staying. I will prepare safe bicycle storage spaces so I will do.

I exchanged the chain on my own.

Because there was a sense of incompatibility in the hub, I brought it to the bicycle store. I did not have a hub spana.

Let's be able to use the address of the inn for receipt of luggage. A traveler has no address. Although I bothered the parents' troubles, I also sent packages overseas several times. If you can receive luggage at the inn, Challida can prepare bicycle parts in advance. When the package arrives at the inn, if the package has already arrived, you can start to remodel the bicycle immediately. There are also tools. For Charida, it should be a place like a dream.

In Colombia I received packages by the post office, but I was not concerned if I could arrive safely.

◆ A place to stop to travel
When you continue your journey, bugs or tools will accumulate problems. At such time, I was "sinking" from 7 to 10 in one place. You will get new clothes and repair tired equipment and recover the accumulated damage little by little. At this time, we also back up image data and send packages we do not need to Japan. It will be uneasy if the trip is not advanced, but sometimes it was necessary to stop. In such a case, I would like to create a space where I can work calmly. Of course not only Charida, but also backpackers are welcome.

Before entering Africa I bought it in Sevilla, Spain.

I sent baggage in Paris, France.

I had to sew bags on a trip. For that reason I will put a thick needle in the inn. Sometimes you may want to write a letter. To that end, we prepare envelopes, letter notes, stamps and glue in the inn. Even airline tickets booked on the internet are print-outs that can be printed out at the inn. Better yet, it seems interesting to put a copy machine like that in a convenience store so that anything can be copied. The idea will come up like a mountain. A traveler who became tattered creates a place to leave with a new feeling.

Required sewing skills for travelers.

It may be good with breakfast.

I adore the space of such a traveler. It was Ueno Sanso of the southernmost South Ushuaia without South Korea now.

◆ Please come and visit
The dream of the guesthouse has expanded to such an extent, but the future prospects will not stand from here. Money has run out on a trip. Also, starting from making money. Maybe I can get married and I have to think about my family. Even whether it is feasible is unknown. But when you think about making a guest house, it will be a lot of excitement. Life will be fun, so I will only set a dream of making a guest house.

Cheap accommodation in Malaysia.

Private accommodation in Cambodia.

Cheap accommodation in Mexico.

UK hostel. It was a three-stage bed five of the 15 people room.

Cheap accommodation in Sri Lanka.

The number of cheap accommodations that I stayed can not be known.

If you make a guest house, I think that it is local Fukuoka. I do not know when it will be, but if my dream comes true, please come and visit.

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