Erno Rubik talks about how the Rubik cube was born

It can be said to be a representative of a three-dimensional puzzle "Rubik's CubeThe picture which tells about the circumstance how Mr. Erno Rubik produced was published to the world.

How the Inventor of the Rubik's Cube Cracked His Own Code - YouTube

This man working on the puzzle is Mr Erno Rubik. He is the creator of Rubik's Cube.

Mr. Rubik was born in Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

In 1974, Mr. Rubik who was then 30 years old was in a position to teach design and architecture at the university and thought that there were any new ways to teach students about "space" and "three dimensions".

It was an auxiliary teaching material that used cubes. This material is not only for students but also for himself to get something.

Mr. Rubyk found a big possibility in one large cube composed of a small 26 cubes. I thought that the structure is simple and easy to manufacture, not only as a teaching material but also "everyone" can be handled.

Mr. Rubik originally called this a "magic cube" and obtained a patent. After being released as a toy from the company in Hungary in 1977, the company in the USA got the right. It was sold as "Rubik's cube" which was named Rubik in 1980.

Since then, Rubik's Cube has become a best seller for over 40 years and has spread to the extent that conventions are held all over the world every year.

Rubik says, so that there is always a different solution to the Rubik's cube, "Today even life is not necessarily bad just because so tomorrow, all you're up to," commented a.

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