Points of interest of "Coca-Cola" all over the world with differences in taste not only logos and designs

I got 8 kinds of Coca-Cola logo except Latin letters. Not only the logo but also the design of Coca-Cola is outstanding. Therefore, I gathered various things.

Hello,Takuya SAITO who did a round around the world by bicycle @ Charridermanis. True, Coca-Cola was indebted in many parts of the world. There was Coca-Cola in Iran in the Middle East, which is badly with America. It was everywhere in the world. That is why it was the subject of pursuit. I summarized the results this time. Coca-Cola in the world, please pay attention to the following things.

◆ Label logo
Speaking of Coca-Cola is a trademark of a red can and a white Latin alphabet logo. It will be natural for many people.

Authentic American Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola of Brazil is also together.

Coca-Cola in Japan is a Latin alphabet.

In Belarus in 2015, Coca-Cola with a logo sideways was on sale. At that time it was rare, but the current Japanese Coca-Cola has the same design.

Naturally this is not natural for some countries. It will not be Latin characters either. In my trip I confirmed Coca-Cola painted in 8 kinds of letters all over the world.

· Traditional Chinese Kanji (Taiwan)
Coca-Cola in Chinese becomes a kanji notation "festivalable music". "Love" is the old font of "easy" in Japan.

· Simplified kanji (China)
It is the same kanji as Taiwan, but the music is "simplicity" of "乐". "Brackish water" in Chinese means carbonated juice.

· Thai characters (Thai)
It was a very simple logo. Recent Thai canned juice is wider than long 350 ml cans which are thick and short like Japan.

· Arabic script (Tunisia)
This notation was conspicuous in the Arabic Coca-Cola where Arabic languages ​​such as Morocco, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait are official languages. Iran of Persian also had a similar notation.

· Hebrew letters (Israel)
It is not a form of Hebrew which I know because the character is considerably collapsed. On a personal computer "קוקה-קולה" is a Coca-Cola in Hebrew.

· Bengali letters (Bangladesh)
Bangladesh, meaning the country of the Bengali people, Bengali is the official language and Bengali letters are used. There are unique characters in neighboring India and Sri Lanka, but there are circumstances where there are multiple characters in the country in a multi-ethnic state, Coca-Cola labels only saw Latin letters.

· Georgian characters (Georgia)
Georgian characters are round and cute. Georgia (former Georgia) is a country located in the Caucasus region, located north of the Iranian and Turkish border.

· Gees characters (Ethiopia)
Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa, with its own culture that left a close relationship with the neighborhood remains.Gees charactersOne of them.

With bonus ......

· Simplified kanji and Arabic letters (Uighur autonomous region)
It was a double notation of Chinese kanji representation and Uygur Arabic notation.

Besides, it seems that there are also logos of Russian Cyrillic letters, Greek Greek letters, Korean Hangul notation.

To say that, I would like to see the logo called "Coca-Cola" using Japanese katakana. Hiragana called "こ こ · こ ら ら" is also nice. Foreign tourists are increasing, and the Olympic Games will be held in 2020. If there is a Coca-Cola of Japanese-like logo like Thailand and Ethiopia, it will surely become a hot topic. I will make an installation as well.

◆ Characters of labels
Even if the logo does not change, it makes me happy that the local language is on the label. The usual Coca-Cola turns into a special Coca-Cola.

· Kazakhstan
There was an explanation of Cyrillic letters on the logo. "1886" is the year when Coca-Cola was born. I emphasized that it is a long-selling product.

· Armenia
A neighboring country of Georgia. This country also has its own character.

Coca-Cola was also in Myanmar who steered the reform and opening up from the military dictatorship. Burma characters also on the label. Before Laos of the same ASEAN,Local factory is in operation in 2013was doing. There are only countries that are said to be the Last Frontier with a population of over 50 million people.

· Maldives
At first glance there is no discrimination label, but in the lower right there is a localTurner characterIs drawn. Is it capacity notation?

◆ Difference in taste
When traveling from China to Thailand by air route, the taste of Coca-Cola was distinctly different and I was puzzled. The tongue responds to 'Crossword' to Coca-Cola in Thailand. I entered "Asahi Super Drive" and one person tsukkomi.

Coca-Cola in Thailand.

Coca-Cola is in all over the world but my recognition is that its taste is not common. When entering a new country, when talking about Coca-Cola, there were many times that I felt incompatibility as "different from the previous country".

The three points that distinguish the difference are "sweetness" "acidity" "strength of carbonic acid".

I am also tweeting like this during the trip.

Coca-Cola in India.

Taste of cola changes when crossing the border. Please take care if you are traveling.

◆ Different containers
Although it is Coca-Cola being sold all over the world, PET bottles are playing the leading role in circulation. In countries where per capita income is low, jars are a big success. Me tooIn Africa to take care of the bottle colaIt was leaving. There is a tendency to not see a can in a country where the bottle is strong. It seemed to be making factory for plastic bottles before cans.

A bottle cola.

Can coke.

PET bottles.

Strong sunshine that felt like frowning, sweating down like a waterfall, Coca-Cola drinking a little on such hot summer days was awesome. I was drinking Coca-Cola all over the world, but I think that it is the bottle that keeps the cold state the best for the kinkin. Can then. There is a weak point that PET bottles can not keep coldness.

◆ Authentic America
Speaking of Coca-Cola is a drink symbolizing America. Whether it's a hamburger or a steak, I will associate Coca-Cola with American food. In the area where such Coca-Cola was born, a flavor which seldom appears in Japan was sold in Japan.

The universal original.

Vanilla flavor.

Cherry taste.

Lime taste.

Vanilla taste and cherry taste are also released in Japan, but it is not limited time like America like regular items.

Vending machine lineup is also quite simple compared with Japan. Coca-Cola was four of half of all 8 types.

◆ Design
Coca-Cola attracts not only the logo, but also the design of cans and labels. There was a serious art that I wanted to collect all of them and make it a collection of photographs.

Miwa taxi's tuk-tuk design with elephant and Thailand.

Due to the country suffering from the civil war, the illustration of the pigeon which is a symbol of peace is meaningful ....

Right now, 138 million people are with the people I love. 72 million people laughing. 19 million people are celebrating their birthday. 4.8 million people are smiling at strangers. Let's believe in a better world. It was a message design with strong message designation "Open Happiness".

·Republic of South Africa
Unusually colorful design.

· El Salvador
A bottle cola emerges between sandals and sandals.

Express the bottle of Coca-Cola with earphones.

· Uruguay
Headphones using crown.

In celebration of the World Cup held image of the country of participationCampaign giving mini bottle accessoriesI was doing.

Three glasses trapped in polar bears.

· Bahamas
We celebrated the 20th anniversary of the opening of the resort facility called Atlantis Paradise Island.

Chinese campaign. "Wealth" is a message to pray for money luck. There were cans of kanji such as "full" "an" "joy" "" Fuku "" Won "" kichi "" order ". It's a campaign to tell the important people about their feelings using Coca-Cola.

Malay language campaign. "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri" is a word celebrating Islam's opening of Ramadan (fasting). Let's pass Coca-Cola with the words of the scurry.

· Papua New Guinea
A person who swims the sea which is regarded as a national flag. It was also a sponsor of Pacific Games like the Asian Games in Japan.

It was a love affair with "Me too". No, it is not. I mean to tell "I Love you" to the person you share.

· Georgia
A bottle of Coca-Cola that looks ahead trying to match hands with hands.

· Lithuania
A lucky ghost.

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Coca-Cola bottleIt was a design to do. I am making 100 figures with crown and two bubbles.

Polar bear gliding skating. It was in Russia's can-cola, but to Coca-Cola Company "Polar bear"Polar bear image character existsdoing. It is polar bear which is drawn also in recent vending machines in Japan.

Let's share Happy with "啾 喜 喜". Here is also a share campaign.

As with cans, the design of PET bottles was also excellent.

· Latvia
Summer sunshine and grass. Bee and butterflies gathered in honey called Coca-Cola. And lips of lips.

·South Africa
Lips and soccer balls are items that are often used in Coca-Cola. The lips are the same as red which is the color of Coca-Cola. Soccer ball is for Coca-Cola Company to sponsor various competitions.

Soccer ball and spike. The light blue color of the soccer ball is the same as the color of the flag of Argentina.

The heart and the cross in the soccer ball are Switzerland's flag image.

· Haiti
It was a soccer ball here as well. Coca-Cola is the official partner of the FIFA World Cup.

Chicken cooking and Coca-Cola.

· Bangladesh
I can not read the Bengali letters, but is it a campaign to present Samsung's smartphone as a gift?

◆ Downtown Advertisement
When traveling all over the world, Coca-Cola notices that it is advertising in busy downtown areas.

It's a symbol of capitalist economy New YorkTimes Square is a place like a global corporate fairwas. Of course, there was also advertisement of Coca-Cola here.

Australia is also famous for the Coca-Cola logo on King's Cross in downtown Sydney.

At the visit of 2007.

At the time of revisit in 2015 the logo was removed for renovation, and it was only advertisement. (Currently there is a new Coca-Cola logo.)

At the intersection of the capital city of Argentina Buenos Aires.

The main street of San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica.

Even in Ramallah, who is responsible for the capital function of Palestine, he found a huge advertisement.

In Japan, I found a sign at Osaka station.

Advertising in a place where many people gather to release a presence will lead to maintaining the brand. Coca-Cola is not the only company to take such a method. Korean electronics manufacturerSamsung is doing the same thing all over the worldI was doing.

◆ Image strategy
Dark room closed window. Potato chips reach for a man looking at the computer. Coca-Cola next to it. It is a sight that is impossible, a scenery that is commonplace. But, there is not Bokkyo Cola. Then, it will not become a promotion.

The actual Coca-Cola image strategy is finished in a refreshing taste that smells full of leer. Coca-Cola was the center of the table with a family full of happiness. I am seeing this diagram in various parts of the world.

Moroccan table.

Mexican food table.

Italian table. I am poking pasta.

Dining table in Maldives.

The table in Thailand.

It is different from my family, but the table in Malaysia.

Coca-Cola's image strategy is not limited to dining tables, but was pursuing refreshingness.

Egyptian father watching his son's training.

A page of youth of young people in Belarus.

The refreshing image does not change even in retro Coca-Cola of a long ago.

An Italian lady.

On the wall of a certain dining room in Colombia, a poster of Coca-Cola which makes us feel the times was adhered closely. Even now and the same as ever, it is only work of high completeness.

◆ Shipping car and factory
The delivery car can not be removed in talking about Coca-Cola. Bright red trucks and vans running Coca-Cola also play the role of advertisement.

Everything is a big size American trailer.

In the Chilean trailer, the hut was being used even for promotion.

And I will find a bottle factory that I am traveling by bicycle.

A factory in the Caribbean island country Trinidad and Tobago.

I found a factory in Mexico and dropped in.

This isPast ArticlesI also introduce videos.

An empty bottle flows over the belt conveyor at the Coca-Cola factory - YouTube

◆ Santa Claus
In the Christmas season, Coca-Cola will set up a promotion with Santa Claus. Santa's red clothes and white mustache were perfect for the image of Coca-Cola. A good old man is smiling with a bottle cola in hand.

A red advertisement I saw in Macedonia.

Santa's smile on the label of Mexico.

The sense of unity of the can cola that came out with an airplane to the US was also splendid.

◆ Name Bottle
A campaign called "name bottle" where Japanese general surname and name was printed instead of label logo became a big topic. This campaign is being held not only in Japan but also around the world.

"Coca-Cola" "Coca-Cola Zero" "Name Bottle" 300 ml PET, 500 ml PET, 1.5 L PET Released! - The Coca-Cola Company

A sign that I saw at the subway station in Paris in France. Labels are labeled "Anne", "Olivier", "Sophie", "Philippe", "Eric", and so on.

The name "Omar (omar)" we found in Peru. Although it is the steel plate name of the Islamic area, it may also be used in the Spanish-speaking world.

Also in Peru there was the name "Raphael (Raphael)".

With this kind of feeling, there was always Coca-Cola in my journey.

We collect well as collecting overseas Coca-Cola logo, design, signboard, dining table and so on. Why do not you join us as one of the pleasure of traveling abroad?

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