I watched the professional game of the game "League of Legends" which is played the most in the world carefully

"League of Legends"There is an official professional league in Japan, there are professional players, to overseas players coming to JapanSometimes an athlete visa has been issuedIt is more competitive and recognized as e sports. The World Tournament has also been held since September 23, 2017, and its prize money exceeds 456 million yen in total. The state of the world conventionGame series video distribution site twitchAnd because it is being distributed on YouTube, I tried "watching sports".

WCS 2017 Group Stage Day 2 EDG vs SKT - YouTube

The basic rules of the League of Legend are well understood by looking at the following article.

What kind of game is popular game "League of Legends" that 100 million people play in the world? - GIGAZINE

First of all, the situation before the game is displayed. This is the team "Team SK Telecom T1 (SKT)". It is a powerful Korean who has won the World Tournament many times.

The other 5 members are five members belonging to the team "EDward Gaming (EDG)". He is the leading Chinese team and has won the summer China League.

In the LoL game, before the actual "play", there is a phase called "pick & bang". Each player manipulates one character (in LoL this character is called a champion) in the game, but it is a phase of choosing which champion among 130 champions to operate. There are various champions including a strong champion at the beginning and a champion that is strong at the beginning but weak at the end of the game, a good champion for compatibility, and two chiefs who can match each other, but there are various champions with the enemy and compatibility Synergies, our team's strategy and other things take into consideration various alternatives chosen the champion.

When the champion was decided, the champion selected by each player was displayed on the back monitor. SKT is a team organization looking at the collective warfare which collides with the final 5: 5.

EDG chooses strong champions in a small number of wars such as 1: 1 and 2: 2. You can see the idea of ​​crushing your opponent in the opening stages.

As the defensive position is determined in baseball, there are positions in charge of each player even in LoL. Going to the top lane among the three lanes in the map is "top". "Jungle" hunting a jungle neutral monster. "Mid" to protect the middle lane. There are five "BOT" going to the bottom lane and "Support" assisting that.

When "Pick & Bang" is over, the match begins at last.

Two people, "Bot" and "Support", will help a friend's "Jean Guller" hunt the first monster before going to "Bottom Lane" which is the bottom lane in charge of them There is a theory. The image is EDG of the blue side team.

SKT of the red side team is helping Jean Guller in the same way. By doing this, it is possible that a friend 's juggler can hunt a neutral monster quickly, and the possibility of getting ahead of his opponent' s juggler increases.

The state of the mid lane was projected. As Minion advances to each lane, we defeat that minion and get experience value and money. In order to get the money, you have to stick to the minion, but because there is a mid of the opponent in front of you, how do you hurt the opponent stabbing the restraint, and how can I stab it well Or, such as continuous bargaining.

Bargaining is also done in the top lane. In this game, each other's top chooses a proximity champion, so we have to approach each other when we defeat the minion, so a fierce fisting is taking place.

While doing that, EDG Jean Guller came to the mid lane.

Crossing the wall with moving skills, two people attack on SKT's mid.

SKT's mid attempts to escape under the tower using the momentary "flash" spelling ... ...

EDG Jean Guller also pursues with flash without hesitation.

It succeeded in obtaining a stunning "First Blood (the first kill)".

Bot lanes are mutually "bots" and "support", so they will be 2 to 2 lanes. Bot pulls to the minion to earn money, support supports attacks and oppresses opponents and puts pressure on them so that allies on the ally can focus on making money.

This time SKT's jiggler will attack EDG's bot and support.

Although we can catch up to where we can kill in the second step ......

EDG's support was good at timing to use the skills, I was regrettably escaped.

As this game is held in China, many Chinese fans, EDG fans, are cheering for it. As a result, when the good play on the EDG explodes, the venue gets exciting. "Meiko" which is mentioned many times is the name of the player who is in charge of supporting EDG.

Next time EDG's jiggler will hit Mid again. Although I was not able to connect to the kill regretly this time, I forced to return to the headquarters by reducing the physical strength of the opponent. Returning to the headquarters will recover your physical strength and mana, but it will be disadvantageous as you can not gain experience and money while you are back.

The blue team on the bottom of the screen, EDG Jean Guller is trying to hunt a neutral monster on the SKT side. This blue neutral monster is a monster called "Blue Buff" that gives a buff (a support effect) that helps fighting, such as greatly increasing the amount of mana recovery to a champion who stabbed a stop. Because buff is displayed in blue at the foot of the champion it is called blue buff. The jumgler on the SKT side of the red team on the upper side of the screen also tried to go get the blue buff ... ...

I gave up because the EDG champions have gathered. The EDG side seems to be able to say that the game is advanced considerably advantageously so far.

The EDG team members gather in the bot lane as it is, and put pressure on the "you will kill if you are in the lane" to pursue SKT's bot and support back to the headquarters.

As we found EDG 's juggler in the bot lane, SKT' s juggler invades the EDG 's jungle and hunts the opponent' s blue buff. Actually, I'd like to help two people in Bot Lane, but it is an inevitable choice because I do not have much to do if I go to a place where 5 people are gathering and 5: 2 to 5: 3.

Thanks to the number of people, EDG succeeded in destroying the tower in SKT's bot lane. If you destroy the tower you will receive a considerable amount of gold and you can buy strong equipment and it will be advantageous at once.

This time the top of EDG will attack the mid of SKT.

During the battle, members of each team gather and gather more and collective warfare begins abroadly.

EDG won the collective game. I went out fast in aggressive posture and won 3 kills.

We will destroy the Midlane tower as it is.

There was a thing which cut out Japanese commentary comment on the official twitter. According to the commentator, "EDG is creating a perfect opening shape".

It destroys the 2nd tower of Mid Lane as it is, EDG is doing great.

But SKT managed to destroy one of the top lane towers.

The top of SKT will also try to kill the top of the EDG that showed her skiing ... ...

Members of EDG gathered earlier than expected, and conversely they were knocked down.

EDG will win the dragon as it is. The team that defeated the dragon is given a permanent buff which lasts until the game ends.

SKT is surprising EDG's mid to surrender the lightning of the counterattack somehow ... ...

I can not catch it because the skill has been successfully cleared with flash.

Moreover, the top tower was destroyed to that ski.

It has become a time to watch out for "Baron" while doing it. Baron is a neutral monster like the dragon shown on the left side of the screen, it takes time to beat very strongly, but if you kill it you get a tremendously strong buff for 3 minutes.

Two people of SKT were waiting for EDG's mid who tried to check whether enemies were hidden around the baron.

It attacks, but it will escape with skillful play of EDG's mid.

The top of both teams in the bot lane warp long distances using the spelling of "teleport" and join together, collective warfare begins.

EDG will win 3 kills, doing long range pursuits. The venue is reflected in the lower left of the screen, but the cheers are heard.

Acquire Baron as it is. It is a winning streak at once.

Baron's buff enhances friendly minions, but this minion enhancement is very useful when you capture the tower. Because the minion hardly dies even if it is attacked by the tower, it is because there are many opportunities to attack the tower.

Kill the SKT's mid crispy as he tried to defend the tower.

After eliminating the hindrance slowly destroy the tower and the inhibitor. There is one inhibitor for each lane, but destroying it will result in a powerful minion called "Super Minion" being summoned to the lanes destroyed. The super minion clears up the usual minion, and it progresses steadily to the main stronghold of the opponent.

EDG then moved the capture target to the second tower of Top Lane.

SKT must protect the home base to handle the enemy's super minion.

For that reason, it will be four people to protect the top tower, but it is about 5 to 4 that can not be protected. Without help, SKT has surrendered the top tower.

Next EDG will capture the second tower of Botlane. I will try to protect SKT for a while, but ...

When Super Minion begins to attack the headquarters, someone has to go to the defense of the headquarters, which can not compete with the EDG that five people attack with. I will surrender to the tower of BOT by all means.

As the time for reappearance of "Baron" that gives us a powerful buff is getting closer, EDG goes to the point of appearance of Baron with five people.

At that timing SKT surprises us. It was almost time for the SKT to be reversed, but this timing was the only timing, but since the composition that considers collective warfare and the compatibility between the champions were good, the splendid combo is connected.

In an instant I destroyed the enemy. I can not believe it was a team losing because of a big difference. As we have won the world championships many times, their bottom power was tremendous.

The official commentator's comment is "No, it is strange"

SKT who won the collective battle took a tower as it is ... ...

I will destroy it with two. The difference of money fills up while we see it.

Baron also acquired as it is. I got the advantage from a losing stance at once.

Thanks to Baronbauf who will strengthen the minion, I will destroy the second tower of the bot lane at last.

As it is thought that SKT is progressing strongly ... ... and EDG plans to not miss the timing when SKT's jumgler leaves the bot lane.

EDG who scored a deficiency in the standing position of the opponent earned 3 kills.

Destroy the resurrected enemy's inhibitor and put the super minion back again.

I do not know yet which one will win ... ... Although it is a state, EDG's mid is a painful mistake here. I inadvertently approached the bushes and I will eat the skills of the SKT team members lurking in there.

All of us gathered and went into collective warfare. It was good until EDG killed SKT's support ... ...

Because SKT's bot had chosen a champion to become stronger rapidly toward the end of the game, it will be destroyed by that attack.

SKT who won the collective game again gains Baron.

Destroy the tower with the power of the enhanced minion.

The inhibitor was also destroyed in the posture of pushing just as it was. It is SKT victory.

Three minutes have elapsed SAR BARBUFF has gone, EDG has many champions that can not exercise much in the final stage, there is nothing to make SKT's offensive.

As a last chance this is a collective warfare from EDG ... but ...

We can not stop the SKT which has strong champions in collective warfare.

Destroyed the nexus as it was, SKT won the splendid reverse triumph.

At the time of October 26, 2017 the world tournaments remain and only semifinals and finals are left. The state of the game isGame series video distribution site twitchAnd live on YouTube, YouTube'sLoLeSportsJPPast videos are left in the channel, so you can watch it anytime. The live broadcast schedule isLJL's official pageIt is as described in.

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