Former NASA engineers will seriously try this challenge game center roulette machine

Toy gun which fires a sponge bullet at a tremendous speedYaHigh water water gun that can make watermelon just two in water pressureIt is an engineer of former NASA who announces the work making full use of engineer's unique technical capabilitiesMark RoberHas released an electronic roulette machine located in the game center using his own machine to verify that it is verifying the following movie.

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Behind Mark Rober is the electronic roulette machineCycloneis.

Cyclone has a roulette made of many light bulbs, it is a game that you can get a lot of prizes if you can press a button to stop the light flowing with the eyes of the jackpot.

Mark Rober hugs the dumb dream of wanting to spread prizes to children by reliably hitting this Cyclone's jackpot.

And it is this secret weapon that I developed it as a result of studying Cyclone.

At the tip of the blue tentacle part there is a sensor to read the light.

When the optical sensor reads the light of 5 to 6 light bulbs flowing through the roulette, it sends a signal at the timing when the button should be pressed, with the set time in between.

The base part designed with the 3D printer is equipped with Sono Raid, it operates when receiving the signal from the sensor, so that it can press the button.

It can be carried by battery type 20V power supply unit.

Control is on the microcomputer boardArduinoIt is done by Wi - Fi connection.

Since it is possible to adjust the interval from sensor response to solenoid operation from the application of smartphone, it can also be operated according to individual difference and setting of roulette machine.

We pack this portable secret weapon in the backpack.

There is a hole in the bottom of the backpack for Sono Raid to push the button. This makes it possible to quietly use secret weapons without taking it out.

I will go to the game center and verify it immediately. Place the backpack on the Cyclone control panel and operate secret weapons with smartphones while watching the flow of roulette.

There was also a scene where security guards at the game center passed by behind along the way, but there was nothing to be suspected of being particularly suspicious.

However, when I tried roulette 30 times in the first verification, the eye of light ceased next to the jackpot and I ended without being totally applied, no matter how many times I did it. The possible cause is whether there is some flaw in secret weapons and variations are born, or whether there is a problem with the roulette system itself.

"The task of solving situations where things do not go as planned is routine to engineers, so we have to systematically explore where the cause of the error is, in order to solve it,Karl SaganIn his interview last year, "Science is the technique itself to think more than being a single knowledge system", says Mark Rober.

First of all, I will investigate whether there is something wrong with secret weapons optical sensor · sonolide · microcomputer board. We also think that possibly causing errors in the sensor because there is unevenness in the light of the bulb used for roulette.

In order to confirm the precision of the optical sensor again, we set the time difference between reading the light from the light sensor until the Sono Ride is activated to 1 second, and when we measured it many times using the smartphone used for the operation , It is understood that it operates without deviation to 1/1000 second unit. Even if the smart phone light was changed to a light bulb, accurate measurement results were obtained in the same way. I can not believe that there is a problem with the behavior of secret weapons because we can maintain accuracy that goes beyond human reflexes.

Then, we have to consider the possibility that the sensor can not read the light of the light bulb used for roulette accurately, but as a result of the experiment, as a result of experiment, it reads the light of the light bulb blinking at regular intervals with a sensor Analysis of the signal data revealed that it also responded correctly with precision of 1 / 1000th of a second.

Furthermore, in order to try out the same roulette machine, we decided to try using secret weapons at a different game center together with friends' family and children.

I was able to hit the jackpot a few times. Children are excited at free play tickets ejected like a mountain from the machine, the dreams described at the beginning of the movie are fulfilled for the time being. But hit does not come out every time, in most cases the light stops at the left and right of the jackpot will not change.

From here it can be clearly seen that the euro roulette machines eject jackpots randomly depending on the probability. And Mark Rober decided to get a Cyclone instruction made 25 years ago and look it up.

Then there was a wording in the instruction that "This machine can set the probability of jackpot to come out".

In other words, Mark Rober notes that elemeca of this hand is not a victory by the game skill but a gamble that rolls the dice and watches the eyes. When I pull a regret like a hit, people think that they will "hit next" and spend more moneyThe effect of near missIt is also being advocated in the world of psychology.

"It is no surprise that the machinery like this is a fraudulent complaint that" the machine with the highest profit ratio "is the most profitable on the official website, and everyone should put that money into another game!" Mark Rober is tightening by the word.

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