The attitude that it was said that YouTube "do not delete" the Neo Nazi extremist account shouting "Jewish the Jew with gas"

GoogleA problem in which the discrimination site saying "There were no Holocausts" appearing on the search topThe problem that the Internet promotes discrimination, such as dealing with it, happens in various places. In January 2018YouTuber photographed the body of a man who committed suicide at the Aokigahara jikaiIt is pointed out that "Compass of social media moral is broken". Meanwhile, about the YouTube channel of Neo Nazi extremists suspected of involvement in multiple murder cases, it took a lot of attention that YouTube publicity said "We do not plan to block the account".

Anti-Defamation League: YouTube Should Delete Neo-Nazi Videos 'Immediately' - Motherboard

YouTube Bans Channel of American Neo-Nazi Extremist Group Atomwaffen Division - Motherboard

Political movement to restore Nazism "Neo NaziAlthough it is seen worldwide, among them "Atomwaffen DivisionOrganization that is said to be a radical group involved in multiple murders. Atomwaffen Division is uploading a movie to YouTube, members of the masked organization saying "Jews are attacked by gas, racial war is occurring" and shouts shooting guns and "black people "The life of a man is not important," while a story showing a key cross was projected.

Meanwhile, on February 26, 2018 Internet media "The Daily Beast"There is no plan to block multiple accounts belonging to Neo-Nazi organization" Atomwaffen Division "against YouTube, and he took a big criticism. YouTube public relations "We have been taking a strong stance towards policy violation concerning hate speech and extreme violence since June last year, and we can use specific features such as" recommendation "or" highly appreciated "for problematic content We lose or display a warning before playing. "" Such an approach is made up of the balance between "freedom of expression" and "limiting the influence of a movie" .

America's largest Jewish organization "Defamation Alliance(ADL) calls YouTube as "should immediately delete these movies". The main point of YouTube's policy is "whether the content includes" a hate to a group composed of specific people ", and the movie of Atomwaffen Division is content of terrorists, as a threat or hate speech, a policy ADL has indicated that it is a violation.

Initially it was YouTube, which indicated "I do not plan to block my account", but after accepting that the remarks at The Daily Beast were criticized by the media, the account was BAN on the 28th. The Atomwaffen Division's YouTube channel says "This account has been deleted due to multiple violations of YouTube's policies prohibiting hate speech, or serious violations." From June to October 2017, a lot of propaganda movies had been uploaded to this account, but all of them were in a closed state. YouTube has not announced any comment on the circumstances that changed the policy.

In addition, one member of Atomwaffen Division is suspected of killing a 19 - year - old university student who is homosexual,ProPublicaAccording to the article, the members celebrated this murder and said they were discussing the joke. Atomwaffen Division is considered to be involved in five murders including direct and indirect, and on 28thDiscordAlsoStop serverIt is being made.

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