Firefox add-on that offsets Facebook tracking and protects user data comes officially

FacebookIt is illegal to track the user's browsing behavior even after logging outOrDiscovered that users' smartphone call history and SMS history were collectedIt is a company that is quite enthusiastic about collecting user data, such as doing it. Mozilla, which develops Firefox, to prevent such Facebook tracking from "Facebook Container Extension"Has appeared.

Facebook Container Extension: Take control of how you're being tracked | The Firefox Frontier

In Firefox, you can switch multiple accounts on a tab by tab basisFirefox Multi-Account ContainersThere was an add-on named "Addiction". The "Facebook Container Extension" developed this time is an add-on specializing only for "Firefox Multi-Account Containers" for Facebook, and accessing Facebook will launch a container dedicated to Facebook. Tabs in the container are internally separated from other tabs so that you can prevent users from gathering user data on Facebook while browsing other sites.

You can install add-on from the following page.

Facebook Container - Add-ons for Firefox

Click "Add to Firefox".

Confirm the contents to be permitted and click "Add". You are now ready.

All we have to do is open up Facebook as usual. The tab that opened Facebook will automatically become a container tab and will not share data with other tabs. A blue indicator is displayed at the bottom of the tab, and a display indicating that it is a container tab is on the right side of the address bar.

However, if you use a function such as 'login with Facebook account', it may be that you can not log in correctly. Besides, it seems that the comments embedded in sites other than Facebook and the good buttons do not work. But if you do not want to be tracked by Facebook it was pretty easy and useful add-on.

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