Boston Dynamics' basking robot Atlas starts running, quadruped walking robot SpotMini starts to wander

Humanoid robot of robot development company Boston · Dynamics "AtlasIsBe able to fightIt is known to be known, but this time I started a smooth running like a human. on the other handOpen the door yourself and get out of the roombe able to"SpotMiniI am beginning to wander around obstacles brilliantly at my own discretion.

Atlas's elegant running situation can be confirmed in the following movie.

Getting some air, Atlas? - YouTube

Atlas lightly running on the grass. The state of running hands and running with knee cushion has reached a level that is quite close to humans.

Atlas rushes up without making inclination.

When you come across an obstructing obstacle falling ... ...

I jump at the jump at my specialty.

And Atlas started walking as if nothing had happened.

Whereas Atlas improved exercise performance, the quadruped walking robot SpotMin started walking on its own discretion.

SpotMini Autonomous Navigation - YouTube

SpotMini with the camera unit on the back. Scanning the surrounding situation beforehand using a camera facing forward, backward, left and right.

SpotMini started running with "Go" order. It seems that they will choose the way by their own judgment.

"QR code" is affixed to each other as SpotMini walks around, but this is not for road guidance but for performance measurement of SpotMini to the last.

SpotMini stepping forward with the shortest path.

Boston · Dynamics We know all the passage inside our company. At the branch point, I choose my favorite path and I will progress quickly.

It seems to go out.

Polite SpotMini who walks in the aisle without leaving the lawn.

On the left side of the screen, vertical faces such as the wall that SpotMini is sensing are displayed in brown.

As we get to the stairs ......

SpotMini starts to rise without hesitation.

I will rise without doubt as if it shows a high athletic ability.

SpotMini stops at the top of the stairs. It seems to go down.

SpotMini began to flip slowly back and forth.

When it goes down stairs it seems to be backwards.

Direction again at the landing.

I went downstairs with superbly steady stability.

Then, I started wandering again.

I will take a walk for free.

SpotMini to break through the dining room. A daily scene in Boston Dynamics.

Proceed through the aisle ......

Eventually, we stopped in a room where many robot developers work.

It is a movie that you can see well that Boston · Dynamics robots steadily improved exercise performance.

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