Deadpool "Excellent Tsuyoyo Noriro" Exhibition of Jealousy to Hugh Jackman Japan Limited Special Video Release

I do not think that it is a very heroes Attractive feeling of selfishnessdead pool"The previous work published in 2016 was a big hit, and on June 1, 2018 (Fri), the sequel"Dead pool 2"Is coming soon. However, as a dead pool, in Japan "dead pool" or more "Greatest showman"Seems to be considerably caught that it hit, and a special image intensely conscious of Hugh · Jackman was released.

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"Everyone in Japan, Hugh Jackman's musical seems to be popular" Deadpool that came out.

Speaking of Hugh Jackman, the role of Wolverine of X-MEN is famous. For Deadpool Wolverine is a "target of Egypt" and Hugh Jackman who plays it is a target as well. In April 2018, twitter videos actually involved are released.

The problem is that 'Hugh · Jackman's musical', 'Greatest · Showman' is hit more than 'Deadpool'. "Deadpool" is also a hit work of more than 2 billion yen in box office revenues, "Greatest show show" recorded a box office income of over 5 billion yen as of May 8, 2018. Deadpool to state that impression "I want to kill it is jealousy."

However, "Nunnoro is a furious Tsuyo", he replied, "I changed my new movie to musical only in Japan," instead, I will tell you about the horrible thing. Actually, the place where the dead pool is sitting from before is like the circus appearing in "Greatest show show". I can really do a musical.

......, Although it was a message that was poisonous like Deppu, "Deadpool 2" will never become a musical movie even in Japan, so please go to see it with confidence.

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