Huge gimmick fireworks appeared, a fireworks display of the world and Japanese fireworks can be enjoyed "chapter of the great fireworks spring" I saw

In summerNational Fireworks GamesFireworks town "Omagari" was held in 2017International Fireworks Symposium"As a machine,"Fireworks in the World and Japanese FireworksFireworks festival with the theme of "The theme is done in the spring. This time, I actually saw the gigantic fireworks with a diameter of 13 meters which was fixed at 40 meters above the ground which is the first performance of Omagari, which is directed by an American fireworks company.

Ogi's Fireworks - Spring Chapter 2018 "Fireworks of the World Japanese Fireworks"

The launch site of the fireworks is Aozen-shi Osamu Oikawa river bank in Akita prefecture.

It was held before the opening of fireworks fair competition venue,Fireworks viewerWe also participate in the seminar for. Fireworks researcherKonishiro KonishiA class was given to deepen the knowledge and enjoyment of fireworks, such as Mr. Adding an original commentary while looking back at the works of the past nationwide fireworks games.

After the seminar, I went to the convention venue. You can see a huge circular structure hanging with a crane in the back.

Shot closer to shoot. A gimmick with a diameter of 13 m is lifted to the height of 40 m above the ground.

If you look at the photo in magnified view, you can see that the barrel containing the fireworks is installed everywhere. More than 1000 fireworks are prepared just by this gimmick.

This venue has a dedicated area for camera shooting. While waiting waiting for a place in the dedicated area,FMI decided to go because I found a meeting being held at the relay booth.

From the leftNPO corporation Omagari fireworks clubMr. Shoji Togashi and FM are Mr. Koji Fujita of personality personality. During the fireworks festival, Mr. Koichiro Konishi will join the commentary and live broadcast will be held.

Since the relay booth of the radio was near the event headquarters,Interview with masterpieces of mold fireworks makingI heard a story atNorthern Japan Fireworks IndustryI also met Mr. Yoshikazu Ms. Konno.

I still have time to start, so I will check the program.

From 19 o'clock to the finale of 20:10, "Fireworks and Creative Fireworks Conflict" by local fireworks company, local fireworks company with Omakyu fireworks companyJapan Fireworks Fine Arts Association"Launch of a large Olympic debut competition" by members, as a firework in JapanMaruyama Co., Ltd."Fireworks Fantasia" by Fireworks, as a fireworks of the worldPyro Spectaculars by Souza"Hollywood Banzai" and other programs are organized.

30 minutes before the fireworks display tournament starts preparing the camera. This time we prepared a video camera to shoot only 13 m in diameter of fireworks.

Just before the competition, the area became dark.

It will be 19 o'clock and the fireworks display will start.ELE TOKYOIt is the launch of the opening fireworks sponsored by the company.

There was also a gimmick of fireworks that let the letters "ELE" float up in front of the front row.

Next, a competition by a local fireworks company. We will launch fireworks according to the theme of each company using 20 balls in total, each of 10 balls of No. 4 ball (diameter about 12 cm) and No. 5 ball (diameter about 15 cm). At first, "Welcome Bouquet" by Wakaya Co., Ltd.

Hoshiya Omagari Fireworks Co., Ltd."Bouquet of retro" by. Works that used a lot of traditional Japanese fireworks "Wagyu" are seen as fireworks with a distinctive taste if it is slightly darker and naked, but it is difficult for the camera to tell its taste.

"Picture book of kindergarten children" by Kita Nippon Fireworks Kogyo Co., Ltd. It was on parade of mold fireworks.

Komatsu Smoke & Fire Industry Co., Ltd."Twin Stars - Pair of Light, Twin Star"

Next, it is a program "fireworks fantasia" that uses the big gimmicks that attracted the attention of the contest by Marutaya Co., Ltd., the leading guru of entertainment fireworks such as show fireworks at theme parks and events. It is composed of three parts, wide wide star Mine can be unfolded from the first half.

In the third part, the big trick is finally activated. You can check the actual situation.

Attention to "big fireworks" from "Japanese Fireworks" 【2018 Fireworks Spring Chapter of Omaki great music】 - YouTube

Fireworks blew up along the circle as the fireworks launched.

Immediately after, the scarlet fireworks gushed out dramatically.

In addition to blowing out at the same time, it also produces a beat like feeling by blowing out clockwise and counterclockwise.

The colorful neutral color fireworks will also blow out as if they were rolling around with a gurgle.

Actually catching the whole venue and seeing it is like this. It is about a quarter of the venue just about 100 meters wide with a gimmick fireworks display.

Fireworks have been blowing out not only from the outer circumference but also from the cylinder that is set at the center.

After jumping out, there are also productions using fireworks that shine with a time lag, etc. You can enjoy the production of many patterns from one big gimmick.

It was a wonderful entertainment fireworks show with surprising cheers from audience seats.

Next, it is the first part of "Ohda Bunka Competition" by Okinomiya Fireworks Company and Member of the Japan Art Association. Two firearms of each company are launched, the highest fireworks which can be said as a work of art. The photograph is a collection of free balls launched in the second issue of each company.

Furthermore, it continues to "creative fireworks competition" by the large fireworks company. The first is "Komatsu Fireworks Industry's First Star Shining in the Night Sky".

Northern Japan Fireworks Industrial Co., Ltd. "CRYSTAL - crystal of light going in the earth"

Hoshiya Omagari Fireworks Co., Ltd. "Hikari no Neverland"

Wakaya Co., Ltd. "Flower of Ice Blue"

Again, the second part of the "Ohda Bunka Competition" was performed by Ogoni 's fireworks company and members of the Japan Art Association. I tried collecting freeballs that will be launched in the second issue of each company.

In the middle of a big Olympic competition, the fireworks will be on fire far away and the venue will be awesome. I heard from the later that the fireworks at the wedding ceremony were on fire. It was a happy seemingly big fireworks town city.

And, the theme of the spring chapter "fireworks of the world". This time, fireworks will be raised by the director of Pyro Spectaculars by Souza, a fireworks company in California, USA. The title of the work is "Hollywood Banzai", as its name suggests, hooray for Hollywood (Hollywood hundred years old) began opening fireworks to the opening BGM.

continueZarathustra talks aboutSoundtracks of familiar Hollywood movies flow one after another.

At the end, I felt the appearance of overseas companies that repeatedly raised several small batches of the same color at the same time, then raised something of another color at the same time.

The finale, the theme is finally "aiming at the Oriental visit" Golden Country Zipangu ". Because it is after having enjoyed the luxurious fireworks according to BGM of Hollywood masterpiece known by everyone as a fireworks of dynamic Japanese fireworks by Maruyamaya's large gimmicks, and fireworks of the world, the local fireworks fireworks trader Expectations also increase for the fireworks of the finale by the joint. First of all, it began with a fireworks featuring beauty and skill, such as the okaku / purple fantastic thousand rings.

Collaboration with green and purple leaves falling slowly and Ootama.

In the second half, the super wide display using the width of the venue in full with the excitement of BGM is also available.

Before the last, as if a golden country appeared in front of us with a crown of crown crown.

Lastly, the whole venue looked bright like daytime with a lot of flash. Close applause and cheers get excited from the venue with the end.

After the mouth of "My home ~ dame ~", the chapter of the big fireworks spring ended at the same time with the crown.

From here, specialties of Omagari's fireworksYale exchange with fireworksis. Minami Kosetsu "Star full star" flows to the venue, Fireworksman red shoes, audience shake pen lights, smart phones etc and exchange each other's ale.

Summer nationwide fireworks games are held under rules for competition, such as diagonal strikes are prohibited, but in the spring chapter the way of striking is also free, so the wide feeling is also increasing. In addition to the fireworks of overseas fireworks displayers and rare fireworks that can not be seen, it was a very good firework display such as high quality fireworks showing the collective power of the local great music.

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