The possibility that "Fort Knight" which prepares cash prize of 10 billion yen or more by official will also be released on Nintendo Switch

Twitch Records Maximum Number of Concurrent ViewersOr, the operation isTop e-sports prize of over 10 billion yenOr putting it at the official tournament, popular online battle royal game attracting great attention overseas is "Fort Knight"is. Supported platforms are PC · PlayStation 4 · Xbox One · smartphones, but there is a possibility that Fort Knight will be released for Nintendo Switch as well.

New Leak Suggests That Fortnite Is Coming To Switch

AAMARMO obtained information that suggests the possibility that Fort Knight's Nintendo Switch version will be released. The following image on which a friend who is making document data used in the showroom of the world's largest computer game related exhibition "E 3 2018" to be held from June 12, 2018 has been sent will be the basis It is a thing.

The data has logos of several game titles alongside the logo of Nintendo Switch, and some of them have Fort Knight's logo. Note that game titles that are lining are arranged in order from the upper left to the right.Dragon Ball Fighters"" Fort Knight "" Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (Monster Hunter Double Cross) "" FIFA 19 "" KILLER QUEEN BLACK ""Starlink Battle for Atlas"Paladins"" Overcooked 2 ""Mario Tennis AceNine of them.

"Monster Hunter Double Cross", "FIFA 19", "Starlink Battle for Atlas" and "Mario Tennis Ace" are presented as games for the Nintendo Switch, but others are unpublished titles and "KILLER QUEEN BLACK "and" Overcooked 2 "are unpublished titles.

Although the authenticity of the information is uncertain, Kotaku of overseas game media wrote that there are several reasons to think that it is legitimate information. One of the reasons was that Kotaku got the information that the Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Ball Fighters will be released from another source. And the other reason is the indie arcade strategy game released in 2013 "Killer Queen Arcade'Twitter account icon is black and it seems as if it is going to be released a new work from now on. In addition, we have obtained information from sources familiar with the plan of Epic Games (Fort Knight's manager) that the release of Fort Knight for Nintendo Switch is planned. Since it is data that matches all of these information, the document is presumed to be genuine used in E3 2018.

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