Deadpool releases 'Special Movie Looking Back at the 10 Years of Pains'

From Friday, June 1, 2018, in the whole country "Dead pool 2"Is released, a special movie is released on YouTube, looking back over the decade from 2008 to 2018 when Deadpool said," I thought about making a deadpool movie for the first time. "

Movie "Dead Pool 2" Special Movie Reflecting on My 10 Years of Pains

In February 2016 the first movie "dead pool」Was released, but from 2008 what was the idea of" dead-pool movie ".

It is a deadpool that confers with a trailer that was hatchamacha and changes in a serious atmosphere.

While drawing the film's idea and imposing illustration on drawing paper, I looked back at that time saying "I did not dream that it would be a super huge hit".

It seems that it was only the feeling that "I want to create" to move the deadpools to the last.

I feel that the serious tone and movie do not match delicately.

Dead pool movie planning plan that started in 2008 ...

Dead pool in 2009 "Wolverine: X-MEN ZERO"I showed up on the screen for the first time and showed a good start.

However, as a dead pool it means "I did not want it".

In 2011, "Green · LanternAppears on.

"It was totally wasteful" and it was disgusting.

From 2011 to 2014,FOXDid not give a go to the dead pool making. According to the Deadpool, this period is exactly "worst day" ... ...

"It was enough to spill out a weak tone" I give up already. "

In 2015, the test footage (video material) of the dead poolleakThe incident occurred.

Deadpool also seems to be unable to hide anger in this incident.

Man-man who clears his resentment that "I do not know who's doing it, but I always find the perpetrator."

And in February 2016 the movie "Deadpool" is released.

"The movie is big Uke, I am happy and it got really high," dead pool talks about the feeling of the time.

"Deadpool" seems to be a hero movie, finished in action packed movies.

For Deadpool, "It was like a dream in 2016".

In 2018, the second movie "Dead Pool 2" was released.

The first movie has more success than expected ... ...

A big hope was also given to the 2nd work before release.

"The first piece will be" seed "and a sequel will be born," he says that Deadpool was the second film production, with the success of the first movie.

It is the cable that came from the future to host a dead pool with "Dead Pool 2".

Can dead pools beat victory?

Dead pool 2 ......

A reasonable actor.

Moderate budget.

A few names of anonymous X-MEN appeared.

Why is it made entirely "feeling" feeling ... ...

"Budget was kept low for the next phase" Body and dead pool confessed.

"Deadpool 2" has been screened at movie theaters nationwide since June 1, 2018 (Friday).

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