Will the budget of 'Star Wars' live-action drama version exceed 1 billion yen per episode?

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Disney has announced plans to deliver a new work of the "Star Wars" series as a uri of its own streaming service. According to the New York Times, this live-action drama version of "Star Wars" seems to be a terribly-sized work with budget over 1 billion yen per episode.

Disney's Streaming Service Starts to Come Into Focus - The New York Times

This work, becoming the first live-action television drama as "Star Wars", served as a director for "Iron Man" and "Iron Man 2", and was responsible for overall production production at "Avengers", "Avengers / Age of Ultron" John Fabeauro is working on it. It is also a work that will be one of the highlights of Disney's planned streaming service, and there is no doubt that power is being pouring in, but the New York Times will spend $ 100 million on its budget (10 episodes About 11.1 billion yen), I estimate it is 10 million dollars per episode (about 1.1 billion yen).

With overseas popular dramas, the budget may jump quickly and steadily with each series. For example, in the case of the " Game of Thrones " known as a popular work, the budget which was 10 million episodes in the first season from 50 million dollars (about 5.5 billion yen) to 60 million dollars (6,680 million yen) In the sixth season, the tenth episode has increased to 100 million dollars (about 11.1 billion yen), and in the eighth season, which is the final chapter, it has expanded to 15 million dollars per episode (about 1.67 billion yen).

In the past, there is a record that the budget per episode was 13 million dollars (about 1.45 billion yen) in the medical drama "ER" in which all 15 series were deployed.

Game of Thrones season 8 will be the most expensive yet

Disney is planning to visualize many works besides "Star Wars" live action drama version in order to enrich the contents of streaming service. " Timmy Failure ", a protagonist's work, is filmed with a budget of 45 million dollars (about 5 billion yen) by Tom McCarthy of "Spotlight Century Scoop" that won the Academy Award Works and Screenplay Award plans. In addition, at least nine movies are to be produced.

As for the "Star Wars" series which is the "main part", the fact that the filming of "Episode 9" following the "Awakening of the Force" and "The Last Jedi" has finally begun is the role of Director of J · J · Abrams It is revealed by John Boyega.

Carrie Fisher, coached by Abrams, died after shooting the scene of "The Last Jedi" but will also appear in episode 9 using the unused scene at the "Awakening of Force" scene It is revealed.

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