I saw the 'fireworks of the Shinto shrine' where light moves, shines in rainbow color, fireworks exceeding imagination rise up

In recent years, " Fireworks of the Shin Mingoru " is one of the fireworks festival to be featured as a fireworks festival of attention in television programs in the national ward. In the Edo era called "Fireworks of Ichikawa", although it was named as the three biggest fireworks in Japan, there were periods during which the fireworks display was not held for a while after Meiji era. However, for the reconstruction of the town, we will resurrect as a "fireworks display of the Shin Ming" on August 7, 1989, as a tourist event that seems to be "a town of Shana". As the fireworks festival that has a wonderful and beautiful fireworks appearance one after another, although it is the topic "Shinki fireworks" in recent years, I actually saw that the 30th memorial tournament will be held on August 7, Heisei 30 It was.

Fireworks of Shin Ming

Here is a movie of fireworks that seems to be moving light.

【Shin Ming fireworks 2018】 From the competitive fireworks "Summer with GO!", The late stagecard fireworks hit scene - YouTube

The venue is Yamanashi Prefecture Nishiyachiyo-gun Ichikawa Misato Town, San-gun Bridge Flow Fuefukugawa River.

On the day of the tournament, I will drop by at the fireworks museum next to the fireworks park near the venue.

In the fireworks data museum there were exhibits on the history of the fireworks of the Shin Ming and the materials to learn the mechanism of the fireworks.

Currently, in Ichikawa Misato Town, two companies, " Kaigi Fireworks Headquarters Co., Ltd. " and " Margaux Co., Ltd. " remain as manufacturers of fireworks fireworks, and both companies won and won a number of fireworks competitions. The fireworks of Shin Ming is a fireworks festival where visitors from all over the country gather, as two of these competent fireworks companies raise luxurious fireworks locally.

On the opposite side of the road, " the year I tried playing bought a nostalgic fireworks and new fireworks toys fireworks shop to buy the fireworks" does fluttering is "at any time " to do fluttering is There are.

People who came to see the fireworks of Shin Ming have visited shops from early and purchase toy fireworks and memorial goods such as fireworks display.

There was also a corner in which fireworks who got a prize in the " Toy Fireworks Contest " that gathers the toy fireworks recommended in 2018 were gathered.

Although it is a shop that can be purchased by selling roses even from one handheld fireworks, an assortment of fireworks is also sold. Commemorative photo with the people who purchased the largest fireworks set in the "Fireworks festival memorial" with the staff of Nagasaki.

We have plenty of time to open until 3 pm of opening time, so we will kill time with watching the video at the fireworks museum and talking to the people I met.

Three o'clock in the afternoon, I will head to the venue. Since the seats are designated for the paid area, you do not need to head in a hurry, but I will try entering once for preview.

People seating area is still sparse. Check your seat and return to the cool fireworks museum once.

While checking the fireworks program, I waited for it in the evening.

At 5 p.m., we will head to the venue again. Sales of foods and drinks, etc. were gathered up at Ichikawa Daimon Comprehensive Ground in front of the hall and were crowded with lots of people.

The area of ​​the free area side around 6:30 pm still has a viewing area in the back, and the viewer is heading from the next one to the next.

There was a heavy thunderstorm on the previous day, and on that day it was a forecast that there might be light rain at night. There was also the power of the big buddies adorned with the tent of the event headquarters, and it seems that there was no benefit of rain as a result.

Before the fireworks festival began, a hand drum fireworks demonstration was held from Nishiizu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture, a sister town in Ichikawa Misato Town. Clapping hands are gathered from the audience in a form to withstand while being exposed to sparks.

After 7 p.m. the neighborhood has become dark.

At 7:15 pm, after the countdown, Fireworks will fire together with Fire 's calling.

Subsequently, a two-headed ball (diameter of fireworks ball about 60 cm) which opened to about 500 m in diameter was launched from the left side of the hall. The open fireworks ride in the wind and head towards the crowd.

After introducing the sponsorship company, Star Mine started launching fireworks continuously with the music.

When the program goes forward, such as oversized Star Mine and Otama Renjyo star Mine, the area is completely dark.

The next program is the sports fireworks. Five main companies of Saigi Fireworks Co., Ltd. Margaux Co., Ltd. Margaux Co., Ltd. Yamanouchi Fireworks store Co., Ltd. Small mouth firewood Co. , Ltd. Maru Yamaya Kodaku firefight shop company launch Star Mine. However, which company raised which Star Mine was not disclosed at the time of launch in order to judge fairly.

"Swan Lake" (Yamanouchi Fireworks Co., Ltd.)

"The whole of the timing of the bombardment fireworks - put it on a calm song" (Oguchi Fireworks Co., Ltd.)

"Memories with you on the summer's day" (Marumayama shop Katsuto smoke store) was the second champion.

"Summer with GO!" (Margaux Co., Ltd.) became the winning work. One of Margaue's favorite fireworks directories is a firework incorporating "time difference lighting" that seems to be moving as the light moves by shifting the timing of the change in brightness and color of the stars. In the latter half of this Star Mine, the fireworks of the jet lag lighting are launched one after another, and the venue boasts a lot.

I summarized the state of the change of the jet lag light emission into one picture. Movement appears in the order of 1 → 4 with the star color change. In fact it is changing more finely and smoothly.

You can check on what fireworks are actually launched in the following movie.

【Shin Ming fireworks 2018】 From the competitive fireworks "Summer with GO!", The late stagecard fireworks hit scene - YouTube

"Hydrangea ~ lighted by easy light ~" (Suzuki fireworks head office Co., Ltd.) was third. One of the features of the Kyoki Fireworks head office is the sharpness of color and the change in color, and those that leave a rainbow-colored light trace (lower part of the picture) when taking a fireworks with changing color for a long time exposure. Besides this, there is also a reputation for the goodness of balance of fireworks of type called "Happo-bloom" (upper part of the photo and upper part of the next picture).

After the competition fireworks, the program will proceed with the launch of an oversized star Mine / two-scale ball.

In super super big Star Mine, fireworks to commemorate Mr. Hideki Saijo launched. When "Young Man (YMCA)" flows, you can hear clapping hands from the venue.

In scenes shouting YMCA, the fireworks of each alphabet were also rising together with the timing.

Message In the corner of fireworks, celebrations of workplace fellows' wedding celebrations and messages to families are read aloud, fireworks are settled. In the fireworks message by the group of fireworks fans of Shin Ming, the fireworks that complicated time lit firing lighting gave rise to the spirit of the venue from the Margaux / Qixi fireworks head office.

Up to this point, we will further scale up towards the end of the program, about half of the program.

In the "special program commemorating the 30th anniversary of the fireworks of the Shin Ming", a large multi-core bigger than Mie cores and a super-oversized Star Mine used wide from the end of the launch place to the end will be launched.

Lastly, 30 shaku balls were launched at the same time ... ...

It was a Star Mine packed with the two-size ball and all the content of the shrine fireworks.

The shrine fireworks still continue. Launch of oversized Star Mine and two-sized ball.

One thousand rings with super oversized Star Mine.

Next, it is one of the highlights of the shrine fireworks, the theme fire. The theme of 2018 is "Delivering to the world" Shinmei fireworks "Pray for peace ~ Thank you 30th anniversary with you ~" and Margaux is responsible for launch. Two Steps From Hell " Victory " as BGM, Fireworks will come up.

In the middle stage, square fireworks were rising. Moreover, the light turns round about with time lag lighting.

Zara stars also blew up from the next to the next and it got excited.

If it is ordinary Star Mine, it is enough to say that we can end here, but it will continue a lot more.

It changes from vivid color to a fantastic atmosphere based on blue.

The curtains are quietly put down, not ending loud. Normally Star Mine is often gathered within 3 minutes, but the Theme Fire is about 5 and a half minutes, it seems that one story is represented by fireworks.

The appearance of actual fireworks can be confirmed in the following movie.

【Shin Ming fireworks 2018】 Delivering to the world "Shin Ming fireworks" Pray for peace - YouTube

Next, the last two - headed ball will be launched on this day.

Finally Grand Finale, responsible for 2018 is the Yoki Fireworks head office. BGM was " Two Steps From Hell " Never Give Up On Your Dreams ". From the opening part suddenly big-buds of time lag lighting also appeared.

The fireworks unified into orange color make the atmosphere like a morning glow.

Next, the beautiful Happo Hanako and the Zara stars from the bottom continue to be launched. It is regrettable that the color is not picked up because smoke is coming up.

Fireworks that change to rainbow colors appear one after another in front of you.

There were fireworks as if the rainbow-colored fireworks were coming down.

Entering the final stage, the amount of fireworks that can be raised at once also increases.

Fireworks changed to the crown. In order to be able to launch one after another steadily, the sky gets dyed golden.

At the end, the big balls also rose all at once, with the dazzling light and loud sound, it ended the Grand Finale. Clapping rises from the hall.

The appearance of actual fireworks can be confirmed in the following movie.

【Fireworks of Shin Ming 2018】 Grand finale - YouTube

The fireworks of Shin Ming ended. At the fireworks display of the Shin Ming, the exchange of a fire between fireworks and the viewer is done. Fireworks on the other side shakes a red smoked tube, and viewers are waving smartphone screens and pen lights toward fireworks.

It was a program of 1 hour 45 minutes from the beginning to the end, but it ended in a blink of an eye. Fireworks was a fireworks display unique to fireworks towns where the cheers of local people and fireworks fans came to fireworks, and it was a fireworks town where you can experience the sense of unity between fireworks and visitors.

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