'Rated movie' Dead Pool 2 'returns for the family with PG-13 designation & new scene addition' Once Upon a Deadpool 'trailer

In Japan, " Dead Pool 2 " published as designated by R15 is declared as "Family oriented version" designated by PG - 13 (parents under 13 years old) as " Once Upon a Deadpool " December 2018 It will be released just before Christmas from the 24th to the 24th. Not only is the shocking directing suppressed by PG - 13, it is said that a new scene that has new guests has also been added, and the trailer is released.

Once Upon A Deadpool | Official Trailer - YouTube

"A nice red one will come to the cinema just before Christmas ..."

Fred Savage , known as a formerly popular child, appeared with the narration "Take Fred of New Buddy". "Why am I here?"

"You appear on the PG-13 version of" Deadpool "full of sparkling light of an innocent child"

"I am an adult!"

"You do not have such a foolish child as you are, like you need me like you, I need you."

For Fred, "I do not need you", I will turn Fred 's futon saying,' You must be able to get free for you. '

Dead pool which decides dance by wearing Aloha shirt.

A dead pool that pushes the nose of Negasonic Teenage Warhead ( Briana Hilde brand ) "Pon!".

Yukio who is a member of X - MEN (acting: Shinano Masato) waving his hands from the second floor of the mansion

To a woman with a balloon as somewhere and a sight seeing somewhere, the deadpool was friendly and "I was glad that you played at" Carl's old flying house "! I will call you.

But the deadpool does not care about the lady 's lacking "What is it?"

"I heard that Marvel is a movie,"

"My girls are Marvel"

"Yeah? But you are the Marvel that 20th Century Fox has right?" Fred said.

"It is like saying that the Beatles will be produced for Nickelbacks , which is the worst."

Although it seems to be awesome, the deadpool shows empathy that "you are getting better than your child".

"Once Upon a Deadpool" will be private from 12th to 24th December 2018, but publication in Japan is undecided at the time of article creation.

In "Once Upon a Deadpool", starring Ryan Reynolds is required to donate 1 dollar per ticket to charity organizations for cancer patients called "Fxck Cancer" in addition to Fred Savage's appearance It is said that it is given to. Fred Savage said in response to Deadline's interview , "I am forced to appear in this movie but I'm happy to know that this shameless movie of cash exploitation will become a charity." .

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