Firefox extension 'Update Scanner' to make it easy to understand at a glance only highlights of updated Web page updates & updates

Checking updates of web pages that RSS does not deliver update information, or to grasp "where was updated" on pages with high update frequency is a difficult task. " Update Scanner " is a Firefox extension that not only checks web page updates every five minutes at the shortest, but also makes it possible to see at a glance which part has been updated.

Update Scanner - Get extensions for Firefox (ja)

Go to the Update Scanner distribution page in Firefox and click "Add to Firefox".

When asked if you want Firefox to add Update Scanner, click "Add" to install Update Scanner in Firefox.

"Update Scanner has been added to Firefox" is displayed, and when Update Scanner is installed in Firefox, click OK.

The blue upward arrow displayed in the add-on bar is the Update Scanner icon. Also, the web page registered with Update Scanner is displayed in the sidebar also in the sidebar.

First, register the web page to be checked with Update Scanner. Since this time I will check the update of GIGAZINE, open the top page, click the arrow icon and select "New".

In "Title", enter the name of the web page you want to register and "Address" in "URL". "Autoscan" can select the frequency of update check from "every 5 minutes, every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, every hour, every 6 hours, every day, weekly, manual update only", the more you move the slide bar to the left The update check frequency increases. "Change Threshold" determines the threshold value of the number of update characters, and the threshold value decreases as you move the slide bar to the left. For example, "less than about 100characters" is set to not notify that more than 100 characters are not updated.

When the checked web page is updated, the notification "A webpage has been updated." Will appear at the bottom right of the screen.

If you missed the notification, click on the add-on bar icon, a list of updated web pages will be displayed, so click.

Then, with this feeling, the updated text part is highlighted in yellow. Apparently it seems that updating images does not tell us with highlights etc.

Next time I will try it with a text blog created with " Notepin ". I changed the first and fourth lines of Iroha song to "Color is smell → Color is smelling" "Do not drunk with shallow dreams ..." ...

With this feeling, only the sentence that changed was highlighted yellow.

You can also organize web pages registered with Update Scanner using the sidebar. Click the Update Scanner icon on the add-on bar and select "Sidebar".

The Update Scanner sidebar opens on the left side of the Firefox window. Right-click on the registered web page or folder on the sidebar and select "New Folder". Then a folder is created so it was possible to organize the registered web pages.

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