We went to “Hanabi Fes. 2019 in Laguna Beach” where you can enjoy the theme park in the daytime, beautiful fireworks in the evening and enjoy it all day with your family

A collaboration of two local fireworks companies offering high-quality fireworks,

HOME MADE, a song selected by Mr. MICRO of the family and MC, a new form of fireworks event was held in Gamagori city, Aichi prefecture in 2018 . We have actually seen that the 2018 in Laguna Beach will be held again on May 18, 2019.

Hanabi Fes. 2019 in Laguna Beach

The place is 2-39 Laguna Beach (Otsuka Kaihin Green Land), Kaiyo-cho, Gamagori, Aichi Prefecture.

After arriving at the venue at 9:30, the ticket will be exchanged for a wristband at the reception.

This wristband combines the Lagunasia admission ticket for

Laguna Ten Bosch and a free pass for attractions.

Laguna Ten Bosch's

Lagunasia has attractions, theatres, etc. With this wristband you can also ride the ferris wheel.

You can see a ship that launches fireworks on the sea side of the fireworks site.

Entrance to Lagunasia. The park has lots of fun content, such as roller coasters and waterslides, attractions and character shows.

A rose festival was held in the flower garden in the back.

It will be 15 o'clock, and the event will open.

In the pamphlet distributed at the time of admission, we introduce fireworks company

Kiritani smoke fire store and Kato smoke fire corporation in Aichi prefecture local producing fireworks, and introduction of Mr. MICRO of HOME MADE family who chose a song to use for production Was written only, not the content of the program. Hanabi fes. Has become a fun event that does not disclose the content in advance.

I will look around the venue. The ticket for the seat is a price that includes the entry ticket for Lagunasia and the attraction passport of 4350 yen (tax included). S seat to see sitting in a pipe chair is 4800 yen (tax included).

In the seat of 8500 yen (tax included) in the SS seat, you can watch the fireworks in a spacious chair that can recline.

The Excite sandy beach zone (with leisure seat) 4500 yen (including tax) is sitting on the sandy beach and you can see it, but it is a powerful area where you can see fireworks close to you.

Immediately after the opening there were people taking place in the front row. I listened to the story: 'The fireworks festival and the fusion of fireworks and music were wonderfully enjoyed last year, so I came from early to look at the front row this year'. He said he didn't have a weight to fix his leisure seat, so he kept it from being blown away by the wind.

I met Mr. Katsunori Kato of Kato Smoke Co., Ltd., one of the fireworks companies responsible for the launch of fireworks. Mr. Kato

interviewed in the past ' What did you do with the fireworks company in the winter? We interviewed a pyrotechnician who is making a video that you want to know about fireworks, and visited a fireworks factory ' It is a person.

Furthermore, since I could meet Mr. MICRO of the HOME MADE family who was involved in the song selection, I asked about the theme of the song selection. Mr. MICRO is a very friendly and kind person who talks with his family's fans and talks with him in a friendly and friendly manner. 'I chose a song that can be enjoyed by young and old men and women in' family '. It is fes. '

State of the festival area around 18 o'clock. There is also a food stall, so you can enjoy eating and drinking time from the theme park to the fireworks launch.

At 19:00, 20 minutes before launch. As the area became dark, people headed to the fireworks viewing area one after another.

At 19:20, the announcement by Mr. MICRO will flow and the fireworks will begin.

Hugh Jackman 's The Greatest Show flows, and the fireworks set on the embankment blow out in time with the heavy sound and beat of the intro.

It is a production of fireworks called 'Seniwa' where many small flowers open at the same time. Fancy pastel colored florets spread across the sky.

The second song is

Bruno Mars 's 24K MAGIC . The fireworks will launch to the tune of Norinori's contents, 'Take me to the top tonight.' With 24K (pure gold), lots of sparkling fireworks were used. In the scene where the fireworks in this photo open, small fireworks that open in the middle of the fireworks display have the effect of opening according to the echo of the vocal voice, amplifying the expectation of the audience.

The third song was

Ariana Grande & John Legend 's beauty and a beast . With the closing of the opening, fireworks that are fired up are also prolific.

Here, there is another announcement of Mr. MICRO, an introduction of the used song and a brief explanation as to what kind of fireworks were imaged from the song, and the intention of the fireworks production etc. is easily transmitted to the viewer You Subsequently, the fourth song is

Aimyon is Marigorudo of. Fireworks like orange marigold flowers were up.

5 track is,

Qin based on Hiroshi is of flowers. Various types of flowers bloom in the night sky at the venue. I heard a child's voice trying to tell parents that 'I found many flowers.'

After MICRO's announcement that 'the above two songs were selected as a love song', the sixth song is

DA PUMP 's USA . The fireworks are fired on the rhythm, such as the image of a dance.

The seventh song is the flow of the time of

Theresa Ten . The fireworks are in harmony with the elegant atmosphere of the song.

The announcement goes on again, 'This is the second half from here. Medley corner, the theme is' family '' and the explanation of the theme of the fireworks that will come up from now on, the eighth song family medley begins. Medley's first track is an Ammer of

Kariyoshi 58 . Ammer is an Okinawan word meaning mother.

Then, every day of

Yoshida Yamada . It is a song that sang the way the old couple walked. Fireworks with reddish brown Japanese traditional Japanese fire and fireworks in the shape of a ring were up.

HOME MADE A family of salvia buds . The Salvia bud of the lyrics of this song represents a newly born life (child). Various kinds of red-colored fireworks represented the red buds and flowers of Salvia.

At the end of Medley, I was going to be a family of

Masaharu Fukuyama . A medley on the theme of the family has been completed for mothers, old couples, children and new families.

The ninth song is Bohemian Rhapsody of QUEEN . The song of full chorus 6 minutes, all are expressed by fireworks. At the beginning, after 10 seconds, goldfish fireworks are released and glow gradually.

'Bohemian Rhapsody' [2019 Nabi fes.]-YouTube

In the a cappella part of the intro, a lot of fireworks called goldfish fireworks which floated on the surface of the water were released and shone on the surface of the water.

In the ballad part, fireworks composed mainly of fireworks blown out from the embankment side are launched.

In the subsequent guitar solo part, fireworks were spouted randomly according to the melody as if playing the strings of the guitar from the levee.

In the opera part, the fireworks are synchronized completely with the song at the same timing as the tempo.

In the rock part, many different types of time-shifting fireworks were launched, with many colors changing rapidly. It is just a flashy and rocky production.

The final part was a production that slowly and slowly tastes the finish with fireworks called weeping willow while burning slowly.

The 10th song is

Frank Sinatra 's My Way . As the main program, this song will be the finale. A number of beautiful jewel-like fireworks are launched.

At the end of the show, the venue was all golden in color, with the excitement of the song.

The last announcement by Mr. MICRO flows on the back so that there is a star in the sky of 11th song

BEGIN . 'Now, I would like to display the finale with the fireworksians and everyone from here. Let's send ale with a feeling of' thank you 'to the fireworks displayer who shakes the red torch we send off.' When the customers in the venue were urged to shake the screen of the mobile phone, the audience inside the venue saw a scene of shaking applause and the mobile phone. Then ...

A nice surprise that a pyrotechnician responds with fireworks. Grab fireworks will continue to fire five times. 'Now, please give everyone the applauds applaud again once more,' and when the announcement flowed, the applause came out again from the venue.

Here is the end of the event, but as the theme park's Lagunasia was still open, I would go back to Lagunasia this time, as it will also kill time to avoid traffic jams. The fireworks are closed at 8:15 pm and the closing time for Lagunasia is 9:30 pm, so you can enjoy it for about an hour. In the open space immediately after the entrance, projection mapping was being screened.

If you go to the back, there will be illuminations and light up of the rose garden, and there will be highlights only in the night, so it may be wasteful to finish the fireworks right away.

Hanabi fes. Was an event that can be enjoyed all day from the morning to the night after the fireworks. Many people who like fireworks say that 'This fireworks display where collaboration between Shizutani Smoke Open store and Kato Smoke Open store is seen is very wonderful and I hope everyone sees it'. The contents are easy to understand by Mr. MICRO's announcement, and it is one of the fireworks display that the whole family can enjoy from children to adults all day long.

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