What should I do to avoid an unhappy marriage?


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Most people tend to think that this happiness will last forever when they get married, but many couples encounter various obstacles in their marriage. If you can't get over obstacles well, your relationship with your marriage partner will begin to get jerky, and your marriage may eventually collapse. Author and writer Patrick Peterson explains the answer to the question: 'How can I avoid an unhappy marriage?'

5 Strong Steps to Prevent Unhappy Marriage

According to Peterson, there are several reasons why a marriage can fail. Frequently annoying couples are feelings like “unlike”, partners and their own depression, misunderstandings about each other, betrayal, etc. The obstacles that come into play depend on how each couple lives, but Peterson said, “As long as both couples want to improve their marriage, these frictions can be prevented. ''



The following is a “method to prevent unhappy marriage” advocated by Peterson.

◆ 1: Knowing your marriage partner
Benjamin Franklin , a great American politician and scientist, left the words: 'One ounce prevention is worth a pound of treatment.' To quote this, Peterson argues that in order to live a happy marriage, it is important to know in advance about the marriage partners who will walk together. Before entering your name in the marriage registration, you should first do a little research on the other person's background, and this is not going to betray the other person.


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◆ 2: Throw away the ego
The idea that “rightness is always the most important and every argument must be won with the righteousness” is an ego and is harmful to marriage. Peterson pointed out that dominating a loved one by justification and debate leads to regret, resentment, and guilt, and the clash between egos leaves a deep scar on both sides. There is no need to give top priority to “always right” in marriage, and “maintain each other's happiness” should be emphasized.


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◆ 3: Actively communicate
Peterson argues that sharing and sharing your feelings with partners is an important step in a happy marriage. It is not fair for partners to think that they should understand or understand their feelings without saying anything, and they should share their thoughts responsibly. If you don't communicate, you won't know how much problem your partner is aware of.

An important aspect of communication in marriage is that it clearly conveys the request of what you want the other person to do. For example, you can avoid misunderstandings with your partner by clearly expressing the need to “help more with child care” and the need to “care more about the time of two people”.

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◆ 4: Do not act negatively
Negative emotions are a major factor that leads to unhappy marriages, and emotional and short-cut behavior creates further disappointment and resentment. No one will ever want to live a marriage with someone who is always angry and inexplicable, so before you take angry action, even if it ’s a difficult choice, you ’ll have to deal with your anxiety and anger. It is important to convey to the word.


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◆ 5: Know when to call for help
If you find yourself in a depressed state, you should immediately consult with your partner for expert help. For other problems, if you feel that you are unable to deal with them yourself, you should consult your parents, siblings, and best friends for help. Peterson insists that it is important.


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In addition to being conscious of these points, it is also important to understand what position you are in when there is a conflict in your marriage. Looking back on their own actions and feelings, “ causing unnecessary conflicts ”, “ always conscious of being the only victim, ” “ blaming partners ”, “ feeling the other party ” It ’s important to make sure that you ’re not taking any behavioral problems such as “ controlling and bound with guilt ” Peterson said that if you feel you have a point, you should stop acting.

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