YouTube deletes over 100,000 videos and 17,000 channels in three months as a hate speech countermeasure



Google announced its efforts to combat hate speech on the YouTube official blog, and it has been revealed that over 100,000 movies have been deleted and 17,000 channels have been closed in just three months.

Official YouTube Blog: The Four Rs of Responsibility, Part 1: Removing harmful content

Google has long eliminated inappropriate content from YouTube by flexibly changing terms and guidelines. For example, on June 5, 2019 'for the purpose of protecting minors to prohibit the live delivery of only minors launched a' policy, 'and even more the next day of June 6 Community Guidelines a' We have decided to change and crack down on discriminatory movies more strictly.

YouTube again changes content guidelines and deletes content & channels by supremacy-GIGAZINE

As a result of these efforts, the number of movies deleted due to measures against hate speech between April and June 2019 exceeded 100,000, which is five times the previous number. Similarly, 17,000 channels that had repeated hate speech were closed. In addition, a total of 500 million comments were deleted in April-June 2019, double that of January-March.

But these numbers are just a small part of YouTube ’s efforts. According to the “

Community Guidelines Enforcement Report ” published by Google, the ratio of movies and channels deleted for reasons such as “malicious expression and harassment” including hate speech is only 1.2% of the total. It is 0.4%.

YouTube is able to deal with so many inappropriate content because it uses technology. By using

digital fingerprints of child pornographic images and terrorist recruitment videos shared by businesses, movies containing these contents are instantly detected, and measures such as uploading and deleting are uploaded. It is possible.

In addition, machine learning technology automatically discovers content that appears to be in violation of the policy and sends it to a manual check to improve the response to sensitive content. The power was tremendous, with 87% of the 9 million movies deleted in 3 months detected by the system.

At YouTube, while making great use of technology, we are also focusing on measures by human power, and the number of staff engaged in discovery, confirmation and deletion of content that violates the guidelines at Google is more than 10,000 It is said to extend. In January 2018, we launched the “ Intelligence Desk ”, a special measures team that monitors news and social media, and strives to detect inappropriate content early.

`` Remove '' of inappropriate content such as hate speech is said to be the first of `` Responsibility 4R '' promoted by YouTube, Google will not only delete it in the future It is said that it will work to maintain an open platform through measures such as “Raise”, “Reward”, and “Reduce”.

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