SpaceX announces private space travel plan that can go `` farther than the International Space Station ''


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Elon Musk Mr. serve as CEO of the space development company SpaceX is February 18, 2020, the United States, Virginia of space travel company based in Space Adventures in partnership with, the 2022 beginning from the second half of 2021 The goal was to launch civilians into outer space. It seems that up to four civilians can experience space travel, and the altitude that will reach will be two to three times the altitude that the International Space Station orbits.

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SpaceX is developing a manned spacecraft, '

Crew Dragon, ' and in January 2020, launched the Crew Dragon on a commercial launch vehicle, Falcon 9 , to test the emergency escape system. The test was a success and outperformed Boeing's manned starship, the Starliner, which had problems with software bugs .

SpaceX actually launched the rocket and tested the emergency escape system of the manned spacecraft and succeeded-gigazine

In May 2020, astronauts Doug Hurley and Astronaut Bob Benken will board a Crew Dragon for a test flight. Meanwhile, space adventurer Space Adventures and Space X have partnered to announce plans to launch private space travelers into outer space.

Space Adventures has a track record of enabling civilian space travel in the past. In 2001, American American Dennis Tito was transported by SoyuzTM-32 to the International Space Station, making him the first person in the world to travel on his own space. In 2009, Guy Laliberte , the founder of Cirque du Soleil, was able to stay at the International Space Station.

The announced plan will have a maximum of four travelers boarding the Crew Dragon somewhere between late 2021 and 2022, with a Falcon 9 launch. 'This historic mission builds the unknown that makes it possible for anyone dreaming of spaceflight,' commented Gwin Schottwell, COO of SpaceX. `` Creating unique and previously impossible opportunities to experience the universe is why Space Adventures exists, '' said Eric Anderson , co-founder of Space Adventures. Was.

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Crew Dragon, boarded by a private space traveler, does not head to the International Space Station but seems to be orbiting the earth. Unlike a civilian stay at the International Space Station, which requires six months of training, the training period is said to be about four weeks.

'Our goal is to reach two to three times the altitude of the International Space Station,' said Tom Shelley, CEO of Space Adventures. The altitude of the International Space Station is located in the thermosphere about 400 km from the ground, but space travel by Crew Dragon of SpaceX is expected to reach the altitude in the outer atmosphere even higher. If Crew Dragon, which actually carries a private space traveler, reaches an altitude above that of the International Space Station, it will break the world record of the altitude reached by private astronauts.

When asked about the cost of space travel, Sherry replied, 'It's not cheap.' According to published information, the cost of launching the Falcon 9 rocket is said to be $ 62 million (about 6.8 billion yen), and building a new Crew Dragon costs $ 100 million (about 11 billion yen) May exceed. But Sherry said, 'We know that many of the world's richest people are interested in spaceflight,' arguing that there are customers who pay even the most expensive.

The interior of Crew Dragon, where private space travelers will board, can be seen in the following movie.

Crew Dragon | Interior-YouTube

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