Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg directly explains his policy to President Trump resented by social media censorship

Since Twitter has labeled President Trump's tweets as 'misleading,' social media fact checking is censorship and censorship done on social media where free speech is allowed. President Trump has criticized companies for being an editorial act. Meanwhile, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed to Trump about his company's policies.

Trump and Zuckerberg share phone call amid social media furor-Axios

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Twitter has taken steps to prevent users from being tricked into deliberately manipulated information by labeling ' edited movies and photos ' and potentially misleading tweets . And this 'misleading' label was added to tweets on Trump's official Twitter account.

Twitter labels Trump's tweet as `` may be misleading '' for the first time-GIGAZINE

On the other hand, President Trump `` will do all kinds of things, including censorship towards the 2020 presidential election, but will not do so '' for social media including Twitter in general. I feel that the media is quieting the voices of the conservatives. '' Before these things get through, you should tighten or close regulations on social media, 'he said.

President Trump clarified the confrontation stance that `` a huge IT company will censor for the presidential election in 2020, but it will not let it ''-GIGAZINE

In addition, President Trump criticized the four services of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube as 'manipulating information to control what people see and do not see.' And existing communication quality law Article 230 stipulates that the social media operating company does not have any legal responsibility for the content posted by the user, except for the content posted by the user, but `` censorship '' and `` edit '' of the posted content If it does, it has signed a presidential decree including a review of Article 230 of the Telecom Quality Act and puts pressure on social media, saying that it should be held legally liable like publishers.

President Trump signs executive order targeting social media for `` freedom of expression ''-GIGAZINE

However, Facebook's Zuckerberg CEO, who has been criticized by name, immediately expresses his idea that 'private companies should not be'decisors of truth '', and Twitter makes a fact check of political statements He said he should defend Trump, saying he shouldn't.

Facebook's CEO expresses the idea that Twitter should not do fact check of political remarks-GIGAZINE

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In addition, Zuckerberg CEO spoke with President Trump directly on the phone on Friday, May 29, 2020, the day after the statement that 'social media should not do political fact-checking' Media Axios reports.

The details of the phone call of President Trump and CEO Zuckerberg are unknown, but CEO Zuckerberg posted a statement on Saturday, May 30, 2020, which gives a unique opinion on the way social media should be. It seems that he had talked directly with President Trump. In a post, Zuckerberg said, 'I'm responsible for reacting as a leader of an institution committed to free expression, not just personal ability. Many people say that Facebook has left Trump's post. Knows that is angry, but our position is that 'as much expression as possible should be valid unless a specific harm or danger is spelled out in a clear policy.' He expressed the idea that social media should not censor political statements etc.

“Unlike Twitter, Facebook doesn't have a policy to warn posts that can incite violence. This means that if a post incites violence, that post is not by a politician. Even if there is, it needs to be removed, whether or not it is press-worthy, and we contacted and explained the White House about this policy. ' Has a policy of deleting regardless of 'who posted.'

This has been an incredibly tough week after a string of tough weeks.The killing of George Floyd showed yet again that ...

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg Friday, 29 May 2020

In addition, Zuckerberg said, 'I don't want to be clear about how the president responded to Facebook's explanation of the policy. Ultimately, accountability to people in power was It should only happen when their speeches are publicly scrutinized, so people should have the opportunity to see their reaction on their own, '' said President Trump's response to Facebook's policy statement. Has not revealed.

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