Reddit bans popular Trump-related communities as 'malicious'

The overseas bulletin board Reddit has updated its content policy to more clearly prohibit malicious expressions. A change in content policy has banned President Donald Trump's subreddit, one of Reddit's most popular communities, such as '

r / The_Donald '. A change in Reddit's content policy has already closed some 2000 subredits.

Reddit bans r/The_Donald and r/ChapoTrapHouse as part of a major expansion of its rules-The Verge

Reddit bans largest pro-Trump subreddit amid hate speech crackdown | Technology | The Guardian

As part of the Black Lives Matter movement calling for the elimination of racism against blacks, Reddit announced changes to its content policy. Changes to the content policy will take effect from the fourth week of July 2020. Reddit attaches great importance to freedom of expression, and in the past even allowed nude pictures stolen by users to be freely distributed on the site . With that background in mind, “The change in policy that explicitly bans some content by changing the content policy is a big change for Reddit,” writes The Verge of overseas media.

In a press conference, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman said, 'I am an American, and I have a good balance between my values and freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and my general sense of human decency. I have to admit that I had a hard time getting it.'

Huffman said users on 'r / The_Donald' have been in violation of Reddit's content policy for years. Although 'r / The_Donald' is not Trump's official community, it is a popular community where the president himself opened a Q&A in 2016, '

Trump but have any questions? '

In addition, Reddit's new content policy states, 'Reddit is a place to create communities and groups, not to attack alienated or vulnerable groups. Everyone harasses, bullies, 'We have the right to use Reddit without the threat of violence. It prohibits communities and people who incite violence or promote hatred based on their identities and vulnerabilities.' / The_Donald' was determined to be a subreddit that contained malicious content that violated this.

Reddit has revealed that it has already removed about 2000 subredits due to the introduction of the new content policy. In addition, according to Reddit, the majority of subreddits targeted for deletion were communities where people no longer actively gathered. Reddit lists the following as having '200+ users per day' among the subreddits that were targeted for deletion.

・R / DarkHumorAndMemes
・R / DarkJokeCentral
・R / GenderCritical
・R / Cumtown
・R / soyboys

It should be noted, Reddit as hosting the content to induce violence to 'r / The_Donald' in 2019 isolation had changed the specifications to make it, is first warning screen when you visit a Sabureditto be displayed It was It is also pointed out that this change has moved users who originally used 'r / The_Donald' to another community.

Reddit banned some political subredits, including 'r / The_Donald,' but CEO Huffman said, 'Political speeches are still safe. But all communities, including ours, are our new We have to comply with our content policy, we will do our best to support it, but if the community fails to comply with the policy, it will be excluded from Reddit.'

'R/The_Donald' has no official relationship with President Trump, but it's quite possible that this change in Reddit's content policy could provoke President Trump's anger. At the beginning of June 2020, Snapchat announced that it will stop promoting Trump's official account, and the Trump presidential camp is ``attempting to manipulate the 2020 presidential election'', Snapchat announces comments blaming the response Did.

Trump presidential camp condemns Snapchat as ``trying to manipulate the 2020 presidential election''-GIGAZINE

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