Headline news on July 2, 2020

For the summer of 2020 when the heat wave is expected, the coldest ice cream udon noodles in Marugame noodles will be sold for take-out only from July 7 (Tue) to August 31 (Mon), 2020. It was decided. It is said that it is a refreshing dish that crumbles 'frozen soup' that freezes the dashi stock and eats cold udon noodles freshly made and tightened.

Ice Udon|Sanuki Kamaage Udon Marugame Seimen

The average price is 300 yen including tax and the large price is 410 yen including tax. As for the bukkake ice udon, the average price is 300 yen including tax, and the great price is 410 yen. Sudachi grated cold ice udon is 450 yen including tax for the average and 560 yen including tax for Daimori.

Since it is sold at some stores, those who are planning to purchase should check the stores in advance.

List of stores where the take-out-only product 'Ice Udon' series is implemented
(PDF file) https://www.marugame-seimen.com/menu/natsukoori/pdf/shoplist.pdf

By the way, the same article was posted on the same day of the past month.

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'Cannot do collective immunity with the new corona' Immunologist's warning: Asahi Shimbun Digital

University of Tsukuba|Notice/Information|Remarkable Research|Predicting the existence of carbon crystals that are lighter and tougher than diamonds ~'Pentadiamond' promotes new development of material science~

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Tokyo confirms 107 new infections New corona since May 2 | NHK News

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Italian police seizes 14 tons of IS manufacturing stimulant 11 world's largest photos 11 international news: AFPBB News

UK announces policy to expand migration rights 4 photos of Hong Kong's national security law passed International News: AFPBB News

A window was set up for people wishing to migrate from Taiwan and Hong Kong. The National Security Law came into effect. 5 photos International News: AFPBB News

Security Agency in Hong Kong Independently Controls Without Control of Hong Kong Government | NHK News

'Hate Speech Prohibition Ordinance' enacted nationwide's first criminal punishment enforcement Kawasaki | NHK News

'I feel immeasurable fear' Hong Kong people living in Japan | NHK News

Germany's 'consumption tax' reduction starts new corona measures | NHK News

Hong Kong National Security Act full text Japanese translation

Putin to support continued investment, with many prospects for constitutional revision | NHK News

Britain accuses Hong Kong citizens of acquiring British citizenship accused of violating China-UK joint statement-Reuters

Expert Meeting Mr. Omi 'I can't get a strong consensus on self-restraint' | NHK News

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I bought a white T at Uniqlo and cry this Sunday on Sunday | Aya Shimada | note

[Full-text memo] What three doctors who experienced a large-scale hospital infection told us | NHK News

The attitude of haze. How do you see this stance, which you often see in movies and illustrations, with the blade of a Japanese sword pointing up and your hands raised, in actual Japanese swordplay? -Togetter

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'Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED' book PV (Opening theme 'NAVIGATOR' used & July 16th broadcast ver.)

'Sound! Euphonium' Performance movie for 'Crescent Moon Dance' animation production material [5th anniversary]

Movie 'Weather Child' Blu-ray & DVD CM Fireworks display ver

Movie 'Weather Child' Blu-ray & DVD CM bonus introduction ver

Don't put your hand on animation production! ①|Iga|note

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Tabe Rungo (by Schubert)-Nico Nico Douga

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Hana Kimura's mother confessed her daughter's 'terrace house' 'Yarase' << to the left LINE... >> | Bunshun Online

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What J PRIDE: Excuse me, could you give away the unused players to Hanshin from the professional baseball team of 10 teams?

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Popular taste that came back in summer! | Akagi Dairy Co., Ltd.

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