Cumulative amount ranking of YouTube's throwing function ``Super Chat'' announced, Japan's VTuber occupies the top 7 people

In the live distribution of YouTube channels, which has become possible to monetize, in addition to the revenue from advertisements, the revenue from “ super chat ” where viewers donate money directly is earned. On the Playboard, a site that collects and ranks viewer ratings of YouTube channels around the world, the ranking of the cumulative amount of super chat has been announced, and 8 of the top 10 at the time of article creation are Japanese, and It was revealed that 7 of them were virtual YouTubers (VTuber).

Youtube Most SuperChated Ranking-PLAYBOARD

The top 10 cumulative amount of Super Chat as of August 24, 2020 is as follows.

◆ 1st place: Coco Ch. Kiryu Coco
Number of registrants : 558,000
Total amount : 88,196,685 yen

Coco Kiryu is a VTuber belonging to the VTuber office ' Holo Live Production ' and is a dragon studying Japanese. It is mainly distributed in Japanese, but because it is fluent in English, it seems to be particularly popular overseas.

[# Kiryu Coco 3D] Kiryu Coco 3D announcement! #Holo Focus start! [#Join futureJP]-YouTube

◆ 2nd place: Vertical and Horizontal Research Institute
The Vertical and Horizontal Research Institute is a Korean channel that publishes videos of news about politics and performing arts, which was collected using its own connection. From the fact that even extreme content that can not be broadcast on television to deliver, from time to time in Korea turmoil sparked, it has become a discussion.

Number of registrants : 615,000
Cumulative amount : 81,385,603 yen

◆ 3rd place: Rushia Ch.
Number of registrants : 470,000
Cumulative amount : 80,455,013 yen

Rushia Junba is a VTuber belonging to Holo Live Productions, a necromancer who belongs to Makai School. He is good at horror games and seems to have many fans not only in Japan but also overseas.

[Lucia Ryuka] New costume ★ Debut [Holo Live]-YouTube

◆ 4th place: Aqua Ch. Akua Minato
Number of registrants : 646,000
Cumulative amount : 76,816,608 yen

Akua Minato is a virtual maid from Holo Live Productions who specializes in games and songs. It ranks in the top 10 among VTubers with over 800,000 registered bilibili videos in China.

[2nd Anniversary] Studio Sugar Life/Akua Minato [I tried to sing]-YouTube

◆ 5th place: Pekora Ch. Pekora Usada
Number of registrants : 611,000
Accumulated amount : 76,19,477 yen

Pekora Usada is a rabbit ear girl VTuber from Holo Live Productions. In addition to playing live games, we also regularly publish talks.

[Snack Rabbita] Opens this month! Let's fluffy together Peko! [Holo Live / Pekora Usada]-YouTube

◆ 6th: Kuzuha Channel
Number of registrants : 391,000
Cumulative amount : 63,528,650 yen

Kuzunoha san, virtual Lai bar group ' rainbow disaster neat gamers vampire who wish to in the' belongs VTuber, is nourished are suitors to oil tycoon. The main activity is to play games for a long time, and sometimes the game is played continuously for 12 hours.

[ARK] Start [Aberashion]-YouTube

◆ 7th place: Marine Ch.
Number of registrants : 555,000
Accumulated amount : 61,578,818 yen

Hokane Marin is a VTuber who belongs to Holo Live Productions, and for the time being longing for female pirates, the only thing she looks like is a pirate woman. With a characteristic voice and tension, we are mainly engaged in the live broadcasting of games and the distribution of drawing.

[# Hojo Marin 1st Anniversary] 3D together with the guest!! [Holo Live / Hojo Marin]-YouTube

◆ 8th: UnitedGamer
Number of registrants : 286,000
Cumulative amount : 56,816,600 yen

United Gamer , Dylan, is a YouTuber who plays various games centered around Nintendo games and Pokemon series, and has been active since 2009.


◆ 9th: MSS Project Channel
Number of registrants : 300,000
Accumulated amount : 5,627,188 yen

MSS Project is a live game/music production unit that focuses on Nico Nico Douga and YouTube. I've been active since 2009, and I'm posting videos in various genres that aren't tied to music and game play.

MSS Project / 'Asheno BRAVE' Music Video [MSSP]-YouTube

◆ 10th: Haneru Channel / Inaba Haneru [Animale]
Number of registrants : 197,000
Cumulative amount : 53,253,323 yen

Haneru Inaba is a VTuber with a rabbit motif and is the leader and group leader of the VTuber group ' Yukacha Animare '. In addition to games, we are actively distributing collaborative projects that go beyond the boundaries of the group.

[#V Uncle] Uncle! Gatchman / Ito Life / Beat Mario / Amezari Hirai / Kio Nachi [Inaba Haneru / Annie Mare]-YouTube

Note that 30% of the revenue from Super Chat will be collected as a fee on YouTube, and fees for payments, services, and apps will also be deducted, so the distributor will not receive all the displayed amount.

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