Which service has the highest performance among the results of comparing the hosting performance of static websites in the cloud such as Amazon, Google, GitHub?

Static websites that display data on the server without adding or changing are still used in blogs and self-introduction pages even now that dynamic web application development has flourished. For cloud services that can host such static websites, engineer Xavier Decuyper compares the operating time and response speed, and publishes the results.

Static webhosting benchmark: AWS, Google, Firebase, Netlify, GitHub & Cloudflare | Savjee.be

The performance measurement method is to perform HTTPS communication with the website on each service once a minute and record the response speed etc. for 10 days. Pingdom and Oh Dear were used for performance measurement. This time, Decuyper compared the performance of the following 9 services.

◆ Paid service
Amazon S3 (eu-west-1 region)
Amazon CloudFront
Google Cloud Storage (europe-west1 region)
Google Cloud Storage (multi-region)
Cloudflare Workers

◆ Basic free service
Firebase Hosting
Cloudflare CDN

◆ Free service
GitHub Pages

Below is the result of comparing the hosting performance of static websites by Decuyper in each cloud.

◆ Operating hours
During the 10-day investigation, only Firebase detected downtime. However, Pingdom detected Firebase down for 1 minute, but Oh Dear didn't respond, so Decuyper suspects it's a problem on Pingdom's side.

◆ Response speed
Below is a blue, orange, and gray bar graph showing the median, mean, and standard deviation of the response speed of each service. AWS CloudFront on the far left has the highest performance, followed by the free service GitHub Pages. Google Cloud Storage performance isn't much different between single-region and multi-region, and Cloudflare's service isn't as good as expected, Decuyper said. For AWS S3, which has the worst performance, Decuyper speculates because it's a 'single region.'

Looking at the graph comparing the Pingdom measurement results in blue and the Oh Dear measurement results in orange, the Pingdom measurement results that measure from multiple locations are better than the Oh Dear that measures from a single location. You can see that it is slower overall than the measurement result of. The difference in the measurement results between Pingdom and Oh Dear on AWS S3 is noticeable, but Decuyper says that 'the eu-west-1 region of AWS S3 and the measurement point of Oh Dear are compatible'. ..

Decuyper is also investigating the initial speed of each service. Below is a graph showing the time it took for the

TLS handshake to start in orange and the time it took to receive the first data on the website in blue, showing that Cloudflare's performance is worse than other services. ..

In addition, the graph below summarizes the abnormal values of response speed in a box plot for each service. You can see extreme outliers on Cloudflare, Google Cloud, and Netlify. Decuyper commented that the outlier was 'more likely a Pingdom issue than a service issue itself.'

◆ Comparison with 2017 survey

conducted the same survey in 2017 as this time, comparing the results of the two surveys. The orange color is the response speed of each service in the 2017 survey and the blue color is the response speed of each service in the 2020 survey, but the result is that the response speed of all services except GitHub Pages has decreased. Decuyper analyzes this comparison as 'because Pingdom used for the study added a measurement server.'

Based on this survey, Decuyper recommends GitHub Pages as a service for hosting static websites if you want to be completely free, and AWS CloudFront if you can afford it. .. AWS CloudFront will incur charges depending on the amount of network bandwidth used, but if it is a personal website, it will only cost about several hundred yen per month. The survey data by Decuyper is published on GitHub as a CSV file.

GitHub --Savjee / static-website-hosting-benchmark

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