Vatican begins investigation as Pope likes naughty photos

by Republic of Korea

The Vatican has launched an internal investigation, saying that the official Instagram account of Pope Francis , the 266th Pope of Rome, liked the sexy image.

Pope Francis Under Fire Again for Allegedly'Liking' Another Racy Picture on Instagram

On December 23, 2020, Margot ( @margot_foxx ), who is also active in the adult scene, revealed a screenshot that he received a 'Like' from Pope Francis's official account. Below is a screenshot of the problem, on the left is a photo that Pope Francis liked, and on the right is proof that Pope Francis's official account. Margot commented, 'Well, did the Pope like my picture?'

In this case, the Vatican is not only asking for an internal investigation into what the Catholic Church is doing, but also asking what happened to Facebook, which owns Instagram.

This isn't the first time Pope Francis's official account has been in trouble by 'like' sexy images. In November 2020, it was a big problem for me to like the picture of Brazilian sexy actress Natalia Galivot ( @nataagataa). The picture in question is below.

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Regarding this case, Mr. Galivot commented, 'I received the blessing of the Pope' and 'I will go to heaven.'

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