The puzzle game 'Hyperbolic', which is a spherical version of the stage of 'Sokoban', has a simple rule and is extremely difficult to chew.

Classic 'of the puzzle game to carry to the destination the block

Sokoban a', since to that obtained a completely different gaming experience by the spherical stage 'hyperbolic number' appeared, I tried actually playing.

Hyperbolic Sokoban

The top page of hyperbolic geometry looks like this. In the initial state, the 'level 0' puzzle is displayed. The purpose of the hyperbolic number is to move the statue displayed in the center of the screen and place the block with the crescent moon in the upper right corner in the correct orientation. In addition, a small mute icon is placed at the bottom of the screen, and when you click to unmute, a mysterious BGM will be played.

The statue can be moved up, down, left and right using either the 'arrow key', 'WASD key' or 'HJKL key'. If you move the block up one square, the crescent mark seems to fit perfectly, so move the statue upward and push the block onto the square with the crescent mark.

When the crescent moon mark was perfectly overlapped, the message 'I did it LEVEL COMPLETE' was displayed. You can play the next level by clicking 'next level' at the top right of the screen.

As mentioned above, hyperbolic geometry is a game with rules similar to Sokoban, which carries things to the destination. However, the difficulty level is high because it is necessary to match the 'direction of the crescent moon' in the hyperbolic song number.

In addition, each puzzle is arranged in a spherical shape, and when you move the statue, the orientation of the statue does not change and only the orientation of the puzzle changes. Every time you move the statue, the direction of the whole puzzle changes, so you get confused as to 'What kind of operation is required to bring this block to that place?'

Playing the free game 'Hyperbolic' inspired by Sokoban-YouTube

There are 34 puzzles from level 0 to 33 in the hyperbolic number. You can also work on the puzzles in any order by clicking the star at the bottom of the screen. When I actually played the hyperbolic song number, the difficulty level was high, but it was a passle game that was perfect for killing time because of the simple rules.

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