'QR.io', a web application that allows you to customize and generate unique and colorful QR codes for free

By using a QR code that can be easily read by a mobile phone, such as your HP link or email address, you can easily convey your information to the other party. ' QR.io ' is a site where you can customize such a QR code to generate a code that is unique not only in content but also in appearance for free.

Generate Customized QR Codes | QR.io


When you open QR.io, it looks like this. QR codes can be converted to URL links, email addresses, texts, phone numbers, SMS, Whatsapp, Wi-Fi profiles, personal information for profiles, PayPal accounts, and Bitcoin accounts. This time, to convert the URL 'https://gigazine.net/ ' of GIGAZINE, select 'Link', enter the URL in 'Sbumit URL', and click 'Generate Qr Code' in the right column.

Then, the QR code was generated. You can download the QR code in PNG format or SVG format by clicking 'Download PNG' and 'Download SVG' under the QR code.

This is just a simple QR code, but with QR.io, you can greatly customize the color and appearance from 'Option', 'Logo', and 'Frames'. For example, if you tap the + icon on the 'Option' tab ...

The tab will be expanded and you can change the background of the QR code, the dot, the frame of the recognition marker, and the color of the dot of the recognition marker. Colors can be specified with a hexadecimal color code, or you can specify them from the color palette by clicking the color swatch on the right.

In addition, the dot pattern, the frame shape of the recognition marker, and the dot shape of the recognition marker can be changed.

On the 'Logo' tab, you can select the logo to be superimposed on the QR code. Eight types of icons indicating the contents of the QR code are prepared by default, and you can also use your own logo by uploading a transparent PNG image.

In the 'Frames' tab, you can select the frame to decorate the QR code. It is possible to display any character string entered in 'Frame Phase' on the frame.

The following QR code was actually generated by setting various customizations.

When I tried loading it on my iPhone, I was able to recognize the URL of GIGAZINE properly.

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