Twitter freezes tweet sharing account from Mr. Trump's new site

Twitter has reportedly frozen multiple accounts tweeting posts on sites that support former President Donald Trump.

Twitter shuts down accounts for attempting to evade Trump ban | Reuters

Account tweeting Trump statements suspended by Twitter | The Hill

Following the attack on the US Parliament Building on January 6, 2021, Twitter permanently frozen Mr. Trump's account, '@realDonaldTrump.'

Twitter permanently bans Donald Trump's account BAN --GIGAZINE

Regarding Mr. Trump's frozen account, Twitter has stated that 'permanent freezing will not be lifted.'

Twitter states that 'Even if Donald Trump runs for president, the account will not be revived' --GIGAZINE

Twitter has also deleted an account with the username '@DJTDesk'. This account shared a post on the site 'From the Desk of Donald Trump, ' where Mr. Trump's remarks were posted. Also, in the profile section of the account, 'I will copy and write from Save America on behalf of the 45th President of the United States (POTUS). Originally posted via Donald JTrump / Desk.' It was written.

A Twitter spokeswoman said the action was 'intended to repost or promote content related to frozen accounts, as stated in the Avoidance Prohibition Policy. Will take coercive action against obvious accounts. '

In addition to '@DJTDesk', Twitter has also frozen accounts such as '@DJTrumpDesk', '@DeskofDJT', and '@ DeskOfTrump1'. 'These accounts have nothing to do with Mr. Trump,' said Trump's agent.

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