Fake news that 'spike protein derived from the new corona vaccine is harmful' is spread on Facebook


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Agence France- Presse (AFP) organization 'AFP Fact Check', which investigates and disproves the authenticity of news, used an American research paper to 'harm the spike protein replicated in the body with the new coronavirus vaccine.' It is reported that posts that make false claims are being spread on Facebook.

Posts misrepresent US study on dangers of coronavirus spike protein | Fact Check

The research used for fake news was published in the journal Circulation Research on March 31, 2021, and was published by the research team of the non-profit Soak Institute. This paper studied how the spiked protein of the new coronavirus damages cells in the vascular system.

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Impairs Endothelial Function via Downregulation of ACE 2 | Circulation Research

Using the above research paper, a New Zealand-based Facebook page claims that 'a copy of the peplomer produced by the mRNA vaccine can damage cells in the vascular system.' This news has been shared more than 100 times, but AFP Fact Check has determined that the news is 'fake news'.

This fake news has changed its form since the beginning of May 2021 and is shared on various Facebook pages. The image below is a web fishery on a Facebook page that was actually shared.

The mechanism of mRNA vaccine by Pfizer and Moderna is that

mRNA (messenger RNA), which is a design drawing of spike protein, is translated into intracellular ribosomes, and the expressed spike protein is used as an antigen to acquire immunity to the new corona virus. thing. Therefore, after inoculation of the mRNA vaccine, spek protein will be produced in the body.

In this paper, a research team at the Soak Institute states that vaccination with the new coronavirus 'protects the host from the new coronavirus' and 'suppresses the damage to endothelial cells caused by peplomers.' A spokeswoman for the Salk Institute for Biological Studies commented, 'Vaccine-induced peplomers behave differently than viral peaplomers and are safe because they stay in the arm muscles for a short period of time.'

Professor Peter Murray of the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry explains, 'The amount of spike protein produced by the new coronavirus vaccine is probably about one millionth of that of a normal viral infection.' .. 'Peplomers are only made on the surface of muscle cells when vaccinated, they are not like going around the body and destroying vascular endothelial cells,' said Annette Beck Sickinger of the University of Leipzig. Said.

AFP Fact Check warns that 'posts shared on Facebook can be misleading.'

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