'AMD CPU performance degradation issue in Windows 11' gets worse with update

AMD CPU performance has been reported to slow down in Windows 11 , and Microsoft and AMD have announced that a software update will fix the issue. However, when the first update for Windows 11 was delivered, it was reported that 'performance was even worse.'

First Windows 11 Patch Tuesday Makes Ryzen L3 Cache Latency Worse, AMD Puts Out Fix Dates | TechPowerUp

Windows 11's first update makes AMD CPU performance even worse --The Verge

Two bugs have been reported with AMD processors running Windows 11. It has been reported that 'the latency of the tertiary cache is tripled at the maximum' and 'the priority core function does not work properly'. Increased tertiary cache latency reduces performance by 3-5% for applications affected by memory subsystem latency. Failure of the preferred core functionality can result in poor performance in CPU thread performance sensitive applications. Microsoft has announced that it will address this in October.

AMD announces that there is a problem that performance such as Ryzen deteriorates in Windows 11 environment --GIGAZINE

And after the first update for Windows 11, which was officially released on October 5, 2021, was delivered on Tuesday, October 12, local time, TechPowerUp, a technology media, said, 'AMD CPU performance. Has worsened. '

Benchmark tests by TechPowerUp show that the Ryzen7 2700X's tertiary cache is about '10ns' on Windows 10, but has increased to '17ns' after updating to Windows 11.

And when I applied the update that was just delivered on the 12th to Windows 11, the latency of the tertiary cache increased to '32ns'.

In addition, AMD has appeared on the overseas bulletin board Reddit and stated that it succeeded in developing a patch to deal with two problems. According to AMD, a patch for the 'priority core feature doesn't work properly' bug will be released on October 21st. AMD states that 'users can also request patches sooner,' but TechPowerUp said, 'probably the'user'here is running mission-critical applications on workstations with Threadripper and EPYC.' It refers to the customers of large companies that are doing business. '

On the other hand, the bug that 'the latency of the tertiary cache is tripled at the maximum' is scheduled to be fixed via Windows Update, and the patch will be delivered on October 19th.

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