Congratulations on the special site of the game 'Minecraft' that YouTube achieved 'total views 1 trillion times' for the first time in history

YouTube has released a special site to celebrate

the game 'Minecraft ', which has exceeded '1 trillion times' in total views of related videos for the first time in history. It explains the history of Minecraft videos on YouTube using abundant Minecraft elements.

YouTube Culture & Trends --One Trillion Views of Minecraft on YouTube --Data Visualization

It's hard to say '1 trillion times', but according to YouTube, even if 1 trillion views are played for only 1 second each time, the total viewing time is 30,000. It will last for more than a year. This total viewing time is calculated as 'tens of thousands of creators have posted videos every day for 12 years since the launch of Minecraft, and tens of thousands of viewers have watched the videos every day.'

The transition of 'view count by genre' using YouTube big data is as follows. The genres here are '100 Days', which survives for 100 days on hardcore, 'Animation', an impressive short animation created by Minecraft, and 'Minecraft, But.' .. ', a parody video of popular songs using Minecraft' Parody ',' Role-Play 'delivered while playing some role,' Speedrun 'competing for clear time,' Survival Games 'using battle royale mods There are 8 types of '/ Hunger Games' and 'Survival Multiplayer' that survive in cooperation with the multiplayer server.

Hover over each genre to see a graph showing how the number of views for that genre has increased or decreased.

You can also hover over the graph to see the total number of views for that genre for the year. For example, 'Animation' seems to have been played 5 billion times in 2020.

Click the flag displayed in 'FILTER BY LOCATION' to see the results for each country. In Japan, 'Animation' and 'Survival Multiplayer' have been the mainstream for a long time, but it seems that the number of views of '100 Days' has increased sharply from around 2019.

In addition, the creator ranking and video ranking for each year are also released.

Creators and videos are each represented as 'blocks' that symbolize Minecraft, and the size of the block represents a rough amount of views. If you move the cursor to each block, you can see the channel name and the total number of views of the year, and you can click to move to that channel.

The creator ranking and video ranking can be switched from 'CREATORS' and 'VIDEOS' at the top of the ranking.

YouTube says, 'The story of Minecraft on YouTube is demonstrating endless creativity through game changes, YouTube changes, and the evolution of interests of both creators and viewers. Believe it or not, its energy. The output is increasing year by year, and it took eight years to reach the total number of views of 500 billion, but it was only two years from 500 billion to 1 trillion. I can only imagine if it will be reached, but it's fun to watch the transition, 'he said, congratulating Minecraft on reaching a total of 1 trillion views.

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