Google Chrome logo changes for the first time in 8 years

Chrome, a web browser developed by Google, has changed its logo for the first time in eight years since 2014. This logo change is explained by Google Chrome designer Elvin Hu.

Chrome is changing its logo for the first time in eight years --The Verge

Hu talks about this Chrome logo change on Twitter. Chrome was first released in 2008, and this is the third logo change in total. The logo change has been applied from the latest Chrome Canary delivered on February 5, 2022, and will be applied to general users in sequence.

Below are the 2014 logo and the 2022 logo. There are no changes to the basic components, but the blue circle in the middle has become slightly larger, the shadows have disappeared, and the red, yellow, and green hues have been adjusted to be slightly brighter.

Also, although it looks like a single color, the three colors of red, yellow, and green have subtle gradations that you wouldn't notice unless you say so. This 'makes the logo more familiar,' Hu said.

In addition, Hu and other design teams are customizing the Chrome logo for each OS. For example, the new logo for the Windows version has a darker red, yellow, and green gradation than the logos of other OSs.

On the other hand, the Chrome OS version of the logo has a bright appearance with almost no gradation.

In addition, the macOS version logo has a rim for a more three-dimensional appearance. The difference in logo design for each OS is also reflected in the Chrome logo. In addition, the beta version has a ribbon on the top left, allowing users to determine at a glance whether it is a beta version or not.

In addition, the macOS version of the Chrome logo has a ribbon size that changes depending on the logo size. When the logo size is large, the ribbon size is small, and when the logo size is small, the ribbon size is large, which improves the legibility. The letter 'Beta' indicating that it is a beta version is abbreviated as 'B' when the logo is small, and the letter 'Dev' indicating that it is a developer version is '' when the logo is small. It is abbreviated as 'D'.

The iOS version of the Chrome logo (top) and the developer version logo (bottom) are as follows.

Of course, he also considered other designs. For example, it was considered to incorporate more negative spaces (margins) into the logo design. However, it seems that there was a problem that the more negative space was secured, the smaller the icon became, and it became difficult to recognize it when it was lined up with another Google application icon.

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