Valorant pro players are accused of muting or avoiding matches every time they match a woman

Jason Ruchelski, a professional player and streamer known as jasonR, has been accused of deliberately discriminating against women in Riot Games' first-person shooter (FPS) game VALORANT .

Big Twitch Streamer Accused Of Dodging Female Valorant Players

JasonR Tweets in response to Sexism allegations against him --The Sports Rush

VALORANT is a tactical FPS where you control a fictitious character to play a team battle of 5 players against 5 players. In this game where team cooperation is the key, players communicate with each other by voice or text, but Ruchelski repeats actions such as muting it the moment a woman's voice is heard and leaving the game. It is said that it is.

Vannesa Emory, also known as professional player panini, accused this act. Emory responded to another player's video posted on Twitter: 'Jason R mutes women just because they don't want to play with them, or blurs them out when the line goes down and avoids the match. Who can hold him accountable? None of the women who played with him speak out, 'he blamed Ruchelski.

Many comments were received on this post, and the next day, professional Annie Roberts said, 'More than 50 women are experiencing the jason R effect. He can't see the moment of mute or avoidance. I expanded my face cam screen to full screen and cheated by telling the viewer that the game crashed. '

However, some Ruchelski fans say, 'There is a problem with his partner.' According to fans, this is not the first time Ruchelski has avoided women, and in 2019 he was excluding female subscribers from his channel on the video distribution platform Twitch. Is suspected of involving Ruchelski's partner. Some people have accused Ruchelski of being a 'sexist' in this case as well, while others have blamed Ruchelski himself for 'because of his dominant partner.'

Ruchelski said, 'The game crashes often' and 'it's because of dual PC streaming and Voicemeeter Banana (of the audio mixer). Who's talking, who's who?' Sometimes it crashes without you knowing it. I don't know what to say . ' In addition, they blame people bashing partners and professional gaming teams.

Men's and women's communication in the streaming world has been a problem before, and in 2018, Twitch's 'face', Ninja, Tyler Blevins , said, 'Every time I invite a woman to a channel, it's not in the audience. He also said that he intentionally avoids streaming with female gamers, saying, 'It creates gossip material.' There is a view that this case also involves similar problems, but game media Kotaku says, 'Ruchelski insists that he is not a sexist, but he is derogatory, such as'Bitch'to his woman. The remarks seem to jeopardize his position. '

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