The door-shaped hole found on Mars is talked about as a science fiction movie

by Courtesy NASA / JPL-Caltech

It has become a hot topic that NASA's spacecraft '

Curiosity ', which landed on Mars in August 2012, sent a picture of a 'door-shaped hole' that looks like a scene from a science fiction movie.

Sol 3466: Mast Camera (Mastcam) – NASA Mars Exploration

Spooky Discovery on Mars Looks Just Like an Alien Doorway

The image below was taken by Curio City on May 7, 2022. There is a hole in the wall that looks like it was intentionally carved by someone else, and the internet user who saw it said, 'Is it a hideout for Martians?' 'It leads to the entrance to another universe.' It must be . '

by Courtesy NASA / JPL-Caltech

Some believe that the cause of this hole was an earthquake on Mars. Earthquakes occur frequently on Mars, and as far as

Insight of the spacecraft equipped with a seismograph records, at least 1313 earthquakes have occurred since November 2018. Even most recently, the largest earthquake in record history with a magnitude of 5 was detected on May 4, 2022. It is suggested that such holes may have occurred due to the distortion of the ground caused by such an earthquake.

In addition, Science Alert, a science news site, points out that 'it's like a hole that humans can enter, but it's actually smaller, only a few centimeters.' The panoramic view of Mars including this hole is as follows.

In addition to Curiosity and Insight, various spacecraft such as

Perseverance and Zhurong are landing on Mars. In particular, Perseverance has delivered a number of high-resolution images of Mars to Earth, gradually revealing the appearance of the unknown planet Mars.

You can check the images, videos, sounds, etc. from the Mars probe managed by NASA from the following page.

NASA Mars Exploration

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