Netflix is struggling to retain paid members for a long time

A survey by the American news media The Information revealed that Netflix's long-term subscribers are increasingly canceling. According to The Information survey data, 13% of subscribers who have been using the service for more than 3 years accounted for cancellations in the first quarter of 2022.

Netflix Cancellations Rise Among Long-Standing Subscribers — The Information

Survey shows Netflix is losing more long-term subscribers --The Verge

According to The Information, the source of the survey is data obtained from Antenna, an analysis company that collects streaming distribution contracts from 5 million anonymous Americans. According to this data, the total number of surrenders in the first quarter of 2022 reached 3.6 million, more than the total of 2.5 million in the last five quarters.

As the number of churn for Netflix as a whole increases, the percentage of new users is decreasing, which is another indicator that Netflix is struggling to retain users for a long time, The Information reports. In the second quarter of 2021, 70% of churners were surveyed less than a year after joining, and only 6% were long-term subscribers. In addition, 60% of the surrenders in the first quarter of 2022 were due to new subscribers.

In addition, Netflix is reported to start a cheaper plan with advertisement to cope with this decrease in paid subscribers.

Netflix, which is suffering from a decrease in the number of members and the stock price is plummeting, aims to introduce an 'advertising low price plan' by the end of 2022 --GIGAZINE

Netflix is also reportedly testing the ability to share accounts and force users to pay for fraudulent viewing. This feature allows you to add 'sub-accounts' at a lower price and allows you to use the service outside your household, and has already been piloted in South American areas such as Chile, Costa Rica and Peru.

Netflix is testing the ability to share accounts and pay users who watch fraudulently-GIGAZINE

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