I've eaten the new classic 'Basil Lemon' from 'Twister' with Kentucky kernel crispy wrapped in tortillas.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Boneless Chicken Kernel Crispy Wrapped in Tortilla with Vegetables, ' Basil Lemon ' has been added as a new standard on June 1, 2022 (Wednesday), so to eat I went.

The new standard 'Basil Lemon' will join the 'Twister', which is a well-balanced and easy-to-eat meat and vegetable, from June 1st (Wednesday)! ~ Aroma of herbs, sourness of lemon, garlic and addictive taste ~ | KFC Holdings Japan, Ltd.


Arrived at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

'Twister' has two standard flavors, 'Pepper Mayo' and 'Teriyaki', and this time, 'Basil Chicken' is newly added.

This time, I used a coupon that includes the kernel crispy and drink M, which are the contents of the twister. This is 600 yen including tax.

The word 'Basil Lemon' is on the package.

The original chicken has various parts and sizes, but the kernel crispy is almost unified with an elongated shape of about 1.5 transportation IC cards.

It is wrapped in tortillas and remains almost invisible when eaten as it is.

When I peeled off the tortillas, I found a special basil lemon mayo sauce and plenty of lettuce wrapped with kernel crispy.

The scent of basil drifts from the time you open the package. Garlic and avocado are also added to the lemon mayonnaise, and it feels like there is a coherent fragrance in the mellowness of the mayonnaise. It goes well with the crispy kernel crispy and chewy tortillas. It's not very voluminous, and I'm grateful that I can eat it quickly when I'm hungry.

In addition, about a year ago, a product called ' Basil Avocado Twister ' was released, so it may have been well received and became a regular item. However, the amount of avocado is smaller than that of 'Basil Avocado Twister'. Since 'Twister' is made with plenty of vegetables, it might have been more satisfying to eat if it had avocado in it.

'Basil Lemon Twister' is 340 yen including tax, and 'Basil Lemon Twister Set' with potato (S) and drink (M) is 690 yen including tax.

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