Will the Xbox port of NINTENDO 64's masterpiece 'GoldenEye 007' be coming soon?

It has been reported that ' GoldenEye 007 ', which was released as an FPS game for NINTENDO 64 in 1997, may be ported to Xbox.

Rare developers are still playing Xbox's unannounced GoldenEye 007 port | VGC

Rare employees are still unlocking achievements for a GoldenEye 007 Xbox port that doesn't exist yet | Eurogamer.net

In early 2022, it was revealed that the Xbox version of 'Golden Eye 007' achievements were registered on ' TrueAchievements ', a site that tracks Xbox achievements. From there, it continues to be reported that 'Golden Eye 007' developed by Rare in the United Kingdom may be ported to Xbox, but as of June 2022, the Xbox version 'Golden Eye 007' has not been released. Hmm. However, it was revealed that the developers of Rare are still releasing the achievements of the Xbox version of 'Golden Eye 007' and are moving toward porting the same work.

The Xbox version of 'GoldenEye 007' has been released by a user named 'Big Sheep', which is a port of 'GoldenEye 007' that was supposed to be included in ' Rare Replay ' released in 2015. It is believed to be the account of lead engineer James Thomas, who was in charge.

VGC of overseas game media says that 'I got information that the Xbox version of GoldenEye 007 will be announced soon' from its own source, but since the work is based on the theme of the former Soviet Union, Russia's invasion of Ukraine The early 2022 release, which began, states that it 'may have been postponed.'

'Golden Eye 007' has been transplanted multiple times, but is famous for facing many legal issues. Right holders span multiple companies, including Nintendo, Microsoft, and MGM , and 'theoretically all companies need to get approval for the transplant,' VGC said.

Since 2022 is the 60th anniversary of the James Bond franchise, it is expected that the iconic work 'GoldenEye 007' will be transplanted. In fact, 'Golden Eye', which is on the trademark list of 'Downloadable Electronic Game Software', has been postponed twice in March 2022.

The remastered version of 'Golden Eye 007' for Xbox 360, which was developed in the past, was leaked on the file sharing site in 2021. For this unreleased 'Golden Eye 007' remastered version, VGC has described it as ' the best remastered version I've ever played .'

New movies and images leaked about the remastered version of the legendary masterpiece 'Golden Eye 007' of NINTENDO 64 --GIGAZINE

However, the director involved in the production of this remastered version said in an interview with VGC , 'I don't think it will be officially released.'

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