CEO posted an explanation video in response to criticism that 'Instagram is chasing TikTok and becoming too video dominant'

Instagram operated by Meta originally gained popularity as a photo sharing SNS, but in recent years TikTok, a short video sharing SNS, has become popular among young people, and Instagram is also focusing on videos. However, celebrities criticized that 'Instagram has become too video-dominated,' and Instagram CEO Adam Mosselli posted a video that responded to concerns.

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Instagram has been extremely popular with young people as a photo sharing SNS, but in recent years TikTok has threatened its position, so we are shifting to enhancing video posting and recommendation systems. In 2020, we released the short video sharing function ' Reels ', and in July 2022, it was announced that all videos posted on Instagram will be shared as Reels.

Instagram videos integrated with Reels, all future videos less than 15 minutes will be on Reels-GIGAZINE

However, in late July 2022, fashion model Kylie Jenner , who has the third largest number of followers on Instagram with 361 million followers , posted about the campaign 'MAKE INSTAGRAM INSTAGRAM AGAIN'. I shared. The campaign criticizes Instagram's gradual approach to TikTok, where video posts dominate and posts from accounts that aren't following the feed appear. The page on, the signature platform, has more than 170,000 signatures at the time of writing.


Jenner introduced the campaign in an Instagram story, as well as Jenner's sister and model Kim Kardashian . Kardashian has the seventh-largest follower on Instagram, and it's notable that hugely influential celebrities have challenged Instagram's policies. In fact, when Jenner posted a criticism of Snapchat in 2018, Snapchat's market capitalization was blown away by $ 1.3 billion (about 140 billion yen at that time) .

So Instagram CEO Mosselli posted a video on July 26 in response to concerns from users and celebrities. In that, I explained the changes in Instagram, the trends of the platform, the points that do not change, and so on.

CEO Mosselli says he is aware of the various concerns raised about the various changes being made in the Instagram app.

First, he explained that the '

full-screen display of feeds ' announced in May is in the testing stage and is being deployed to only a few percent of users. 'I'd like to clarify, but the full-screen display isn't good at the moment,' said Mosseri, admitting that full-screen display is problematic. Therefore, he said that improvements are needed to expand the functionality even more widely.

Regarding the point that 'Instagram has begun to prioritize video,' Instagram has stated that it will continue to support photography, and that CEO Mosselli himself likes photography. Still, more and more videos are posted on Instagram, which is clear when you sort your feeds in chronological order. It's hard to stop the flow anymore, and Instagram insists that it has to shift to video.

Regarding recommender systems that display posts from accounts that you do not follow, we acknowledged that users are not satisfied with the recommended content because Instagram is poorly ranked and needs improvement. rice field.

He also mentioned that recommender systems can be temporarily shut down. Recommender systems help creators reach more people, especially for smaller creators, says Mosseri.

Despite various changes on Instagram, CEO Mosseri claims that much of Instagram hasn't changed and will continue to support photography and communication with friends. Still, with the rapid changes in the world, Instagram must continue to change.

Finally, CEO Mosselli closed the video by asking him to comment on his thoughts on Instagram changes and more.

In a tweet a few hours after the video was posted, CEO Mosseri pointed out that recent Instagram shows that friends interact with stories and DMs rather than feeds. 'We'll keep showing photos and videos from friends at the top of the feed as much as possible, but the best way to catch up with friends is to use other features on Instagram,' he said.

In the video of CEO Mosselli, model Chrissy Teigen commented, 'We don't want to make a video, Adam.'

'I just want to scroll through fun photos,' said Matt Aford, livestreaming director on ESPN, a sports channel.

Writer Roxane Gay commented, 'Instagram is the worst right now. Stop trying to be TikTok. I don't want to make videos.'

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